7 Adding GT3 lap times

GT3 is a very popular racing catergory, and I struggle to find track records of them without going through a lot of different qualifying timing sheets. This will be useful for people comparing sim times with real records.

1y ago by daniellhc
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FastestLaps  1y ago

already for the regular road cars the variance of: specifications, magazines sandbagging, track conditions etc, tends to infinity making laptimes totally inconsistent.

This gets better with more data. If one source (like a magazine) is "sandbagging" another one comes along with better data. And broader picture (best and average results) becomes clear eventually.

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manone  1y ago

i am all for adding gt series laptimes, although it will be a total mess
tracking back from which subsubseries the car's specs are. oh well, already for the regular road cars the variance of: specifications, magazines sandbagging, track conditions etc, tends to infinity making
laptimes totally inconsistent.

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saxy  1y ago

Yes, BoP sucks. But racing will also be stupidly one sided by more expensive power cars. In the old days, they didn't have so much BoP because powerful cars also broke down often. You never know which would finish the race. Nowadays if you have a 660hp Ferrari vs a 500hp Aston, there would be no chance.

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FastestLaps  1y ago

Btw, I think BOP is cancer and ruins the technical diversity and competition in motorracing. Thank God there is no explicit BOP in F1 and MotoGP. I rather watch one team disappear in sunset and win every race (think Ferrari in early 2000s) than watch teams go around track with neutered engines, weight balast etc.

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FastestLaps  1y ago

It's a tricky subject. Theoretically, BOP could be ignored - just publish fastest times from all series and whichever series happens to have least restrictive BOP gets the honors of showing the fastest lap time for that particular GT3 car.

But there is still problem of defining models for those GT3 cars. One way would be to just add one page per model name (458 GT3, 488 GT3, 997 GT3, 991 GT3 etc), disregarding any changes that may happen from one year to another. In MotoGP there is similar situation - for example, Yamaha M1 is called "M1" for several years, even though there are myriad of changes. Yet I have added just one page: http://fastestlaps.com/models/yamaha-yzr-m1

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Alexander  1y ago

I dont think it works, every series have different BOP (Balance of Performance). so any GT3 car racing in GTOpen will be faster than a Blancpain car and so on.

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FastestLaps  1y ago

GT3, as far I understand, is somewhat fuzzy term. There is more than one race series that race with GT3 spec cars (or similar) and I am not sure if there are very well defined car models for GT3. Like for F1 you can simply add 1 car page per team per year.


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tyler 11h 

added laptime for Lamborghini Huracán Performante

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fakekillerfour 19h 

added data for McLaren 720S

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