14 Alfa Romeo Europe’s most reliable brand?

Cover for Alfa Romeo Europe’s most reliable brand?

According to this survey – yes!

With the small lot size, the result is less meaningful than with a large brand with many vehicles.

Nevertheless, one can see a trend that many would not expect. Maybe the average Alfa customer is more careful with his car than other brands average customer. At least I would not drive around with such a smoking vehicle.

7m ago by DrDuke
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xxSoulRaipahxx  6m ago

That is seriously shocking. The Italian brand was famous for building cars that were full of character but never worked. Then again, the Busso V6 was a masterpiece and ran great, too. I guess the Fiat ownership somewhat payed off.

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A156  6m ago

"the average Alfa customer is more careful with his car than other brands average customer''
What do you mean? We just spend some hours on the internet looking for a solution for that not so normal noise we heard from the suspension / engine, telling the mechanic the problem exactly, being there at the repair, checking the oil every time we go to a gas station, have a complete record for every change of the status of the car. Does not every car owner do all these?


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DrDuke  6m ago

How many causal people do you know who don't care about cars in general and drive an alfa romeo?

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A156  6m ago @DrDuke


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Inline 6 rules  6m ago

As FastestLaps said German manufacturers (maybe Porsche is an exception) are way less reliable than in the 80's. Their hunger for more and more power, more and more electronic quirks and features has made their cars extremely complicated, so much that even legendary German engineering, precision and work ethic can't make them as reliable as a German cars once were.

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moegigo  6m ago

Interesting, Alfa used to be the ultimate unreliable car followed by Jaguar (you needed always 2 Jag's: 1 to drive the other under repair..).
Today it's maybe more Audi's territory??


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Hans  6m ago

Audi? Audi is the most reliable premium bran next to Lexus.
Its not an incident that Audi A1 is 3th the most reliable small car next to Toyota Yaris and first Audi A3 in hatchbacks with 100% in front of Lexus IS. Did you saw the servey or are you just stupid Audi hater?

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moegigo  6m ago @Hans

The 1.4 TSI engine was a fail (because of the timing chain problems) and oil consumption of the 1.8 and 2.0 TFSI engines is ridiculous, The DSG's are not famous to work properly. Not what you expect from a premium brand.
I would consider to buy the new RS3 if there is a Tuning Expert which provides a track focused chassis setup. haven't found yet .

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FastestLaps  6m ago

All German cars are now "unreliable" compared to what they were in 80s or early 90s. But its not like other manufacturers are any better.

I am interested to know if Alfa have fixed their rust problems which made in "famous" in UK, or is rust-resistance no longer a factor since modern cars fail in other areas before they succumb to the rot.

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DrDuke  6m ago @FastestLaps

The rust problem was a common problem for different car manufacturers. The Golf 1 has also rust problems for example. The reason is that the production volume of stainless steel / galvanized steel was too low in that aera. And for example Krupp steel prefer to sell their material to the local manufacturers.

The Golf 2 was better because they filled all cavity totally with body-cavity sealing.

The most problematic Alfa was the Alfa Sud.
From wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa_Romeo_Alfasud):
Despite their sophisticated engineering, Alfasuds (especially the early ones) had a bad reputation for suffering from rust, mostly due to the poor quality Russian steel used in their construction, and the storage conditions of the steel. Worse yet, bare completed bodies had to be moved outside the factory after assembly before being taken to the paint shop in a separate building, no matter what the weather happened to be.

Since the (156 / 147 etc) models rust is rather uncommon (or at least on par with other manufacturers). My daily driver 147 has 264tkm and is 12 years old. Besides some surface rust on some underfloor parts it is perfect. I don't think I will do any rust repairs before the car gets stomped. The engine I have is known for doing 500tkm without issues but I probably stop at around 300tkm.

Here a video how they do produce today

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Manel  6m ago

Actually it seems that alfa makes reliable cars...
I didn't own cars off all brands, but from my experience and those shared between friends the result wasn't shocking at all (i'm thinking on alfa and, for example the german brands)...
The theory of owners being more careful doesn't seem likely at all. The excuse off tchê inferior volume also doesn't seem to hold, these arent limted edition cars like koenigsegs...

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FastestLaps  6m ago

But... breakdowns are part of Alfa Romeo's charm and character!

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fca shill  6m ago

i'll believe this isn't an anomaly or faulty sampling if alfa manages to hold the rank for longer than 1 month
I mean have you read about the Giulia and how awully unreliable it is?


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DrDuke  6m ago

True there were some software problems in the beginning - especially in america. Some errors were certainly provoked by the reviewers. The cars went to limp mode when you braked and accelerated at the same time. Maybe these american cars didn't have the newest software as they were reviewed. Alfa Romeo just returned to the US marked. They have to build up their structures / dealer network. Looks like not everything worked out as intended.

On the other hand did you hear the same from the stelvio? As both cars share the same components it looks like the problems have been sorted out.

I don't have any concerns to be an FCA fan.

At least I don't have to shame for a brand that gasify apes and humans. Looks like some can't stop with old habbits. :P


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fakekillerfour 3h 

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