10 G650 Landaulet - this car embodies everything that's wrong with the world right now

Cover for G650 Landaulet - this car embodies everything that's wrong with the world right now

"Vulgar" is the word. In fact this thing is perfect materialization of the term. At least as far as automobiles go.

Mercedes is releasing a brand new Maybach model and it's a G Class truck - the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet. Yes. It is a twelve cylinder champagne leather lined, soft-top monstrosity, built on top of 1950s military grade ladder chassis.

But do not blame Mercedes - blame the market, because there is one. Think Dubai.

This is all starting too look too much like 2008 again.


11m ago by FastestLaps
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Karl  10m ago

I wonder if people bought these, does he/she ever think to take it off road?

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DDriver  10m ago

Whatever rich ****s are willing to pay for and subsidize the creation of proper AMG cars. I'm all for it

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BR2+  11m ago

Wait people think they look cool in a G Class?

Ive never seen it before..

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saxy  11m ago

People who buy these don't care about function. It's more like Esclades with more bling and a 3-pointed star. It's all about "looking cool"

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BR2+  11m ago

If thats the case, I havent any idea why, If i were looking for an Suv, And i had no limit on how mch id spent on one, The G class on any model wouldnt even be on my radar, i just dont see the appeal of them, They look unstable like they could tip over with ease. Id gladly take the GLC43 AMG over any G class.

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saxy  11m ago

It sells especially to celebs and celeb wives. And considering it's big, simple old tech and extemely expensive, I'd say very profitable as well. It's a segment that they completely dominate in my opinion. Because there is no other car like the G class.

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BR2+  11m ago

Was never a fan of it, But its just stupid, I dont see the point, Does the G even sell good knowadays?..

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FastestLaps  11m ago

G class is cool but this is distasteful. Like some kind of dictator's chariot to ride around in that back seat with roof off and look down on plebs...

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noname00  11m ago

I like the G-Class, and especially the G63 6x6 and the G 500 4×4². The actual thing I ton't like about this car is the fact that you can't really see anything around the car while sitting in the back. But that's not my problem, I can't even afford a new C-Class :)))

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Monanyisou  11m ago

Hahahahahahahahahhahah (with applause) would be the only proper reaction to this car.
Well, I'm sure all of these will be pre-sold. Aaaand get delivered to Persian peninsula territories. With such amounts of money, you are unhappy just because you're left with no wishes, not that you would ever consider helping neighbouring countries with refugee or something. Kur'an isn't helping either with it's strict rules etc... And it's damn depressing, and you want to die...
BUT! Mercedes-Benz has a diagnose AND a medicine for you! You need an offorad-softtop Maybach! HA-HAHAHAHA
Mercedes guys are just geniuses! I'm not even kidding! No other manufacturer would even dare to make something like this. Hats down, Mercedes, and good luck robbing those stupid f*cks.


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Dave 18h 

Ha ha ha. True

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