8 Lamborghini Huracán Performante beats Contidrom lap record

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According to Autozeitung, Lamborghini Huracán Performante has beaten the 3.6 km Contidrom lap record comfortably, leaving little doubt about legitimacy of Lamborghini's Nürburgring Nordschleife claims.

Sometimes we see disconnect between manufacturers claims and results from independent media. This is not the case. Performante has validated its track performance claims by improving the Contidrom lap record by 2 seconds.

To put things in perspective, time gap between Performante (1:29.6) and closest competitor Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Performance Pack (1:31.6) would be more than difference between slowest and fastest Formula 1 team.

It looks like the fancy active aerodynamics are no gimmick and provide practical advantage in all types of tracks, not just undulating, high speed loops of Nürburgring.

5m ago by FastestLaps
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jizz  4m ago

Well it needs to be ob more tracks then one if this caar starting to take names where Mclaren P1 have been or Spyder 918 then ok ill say very good but it wont the moment this car hits a FIM tarck vs those giants itll fookin lose huge..this is why this car dont go hunting for P1/918 badges..


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FastestLaps  4m ago

It did go hunting for 918 at the Nurb.

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Sakir  5m ago

And honestly i dont believe in the huracan nurburgring lap time
this car could be 1 sec faster in this nearly 4km length circuit but with a track nearly 6 time longer and much more difficult with much more turn the difference between this one and the competition will never be 20 second but maybe 5 to 10 second.
im impatient to see the lap made by sport auto by Christian Gebhardt . This will be much more believable.


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777Balt  5m ago

The unique type of corners, insane elevation changes and others things makes nurburgring a very unique track, one of a kind, there is no other track like it in the world, so lap times set there might not translate to other tracks due to unique conditions.

Just because car is very fast of Nurburgring and not so fast on other tracks doesn't mean the lap time is fake, it most likely means it just suits Nurburgring conditions better than other cars.

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sakir  5m ago

Ok this is fast but what's the difference between this contidrom and the one (3.8 km) that the Amg GT R Lapped in 1:26.46 ?

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saxy  5m ago

Still the Huracan's biggest ace up its sleeve is the trofeo Rs. I do applaud them for making quite a performance beast while sticking to no turbos.
The 570s gets to 200kph before the 640hp AWD hardcore lightened Huracan... lol


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Cloxxki  4m ago

On a ring lap, the cars barely dip below 80kph over the course of nearly 7 minutes, so that 0-200kph figure doesn't matter much :-)

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Fastedee  4m ago @Cloxxki

True the cars(570s and Huracan) are too close in acceleration to be suspicious. But not the 918. It basically comes down to grip, braking and acceleration. When a car has a huge advantage in two categories and a small disadvantage in the other yet is slower at the Ring that shows something fishy is afoot. The Aventador is slower than its competitors at almost every lap except the Ring. Even small mountains like at the Green Hells will affect the N/A Lambo more than the 991 Turbo S or 488 or 720s.


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