7 Latest Spy Pics of Mid-Engined 2019 C8 Corvette: Best View Yet of Cabin and Overall Proportions

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Chevrolet engineers are hard at work testing the upcoming mid-engined C8. Will this finally mean that GM is making a mid engine supercar for production?These snaps captured the C8 in a moment when the camouflage had peeled away from its roof, revealing the tall, dramatically curved windshield and the tapered roofline. Chevrolet is tipped to offer a choice of a solid roof, a lift-off top as on today’s C7, or a glass roof. Through the camouflage, we can discern the outline of the large rear glass under which sits the small-block V-8. The view of the open doors confirms that they’ll operate conventionally. We also get a good sense of the long wheelbase, the short rear overhang, the defined front fender tops, and the rounded tail.We expect the mid-mounted small-block to send as much as 500 horsepower to the rear wheels, distilled via a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.The C8 Corvette, code-named ZERV, is expected to finally shed its camo in January with a debut at the 2018 Detroit auto show. Production begins later next year or very early 2019. Meantime, we’ll keep mulling over these spy photos, because January is a long way away.
By Joe Lorio

8m ago by tyler
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BR2-  8m ago

This Corvette makes me hard as a ROCK!


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Fastedee  8m ago

Epic car. Wow.


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tyler  8m ago


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cosimo  8m ago

not until it's been tested and sold to consumers without complaining about quality issues, which is an issue on most murican cars

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saxy  8m ago

looks like a bit of the proportions of a 458. I understand this move. One it's to fight the Ford GT, and the other is to simply branch itself further away from the capable Camaro. Though I don't see them selling a whole lot of these if they raise the price too much.


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tyler  8m ago

I agree about raising the price to much. I would expect the base price to be around 85,000-95,000 dollars with about 500 hp. I trust GM not to price this like Honda did with this current generation NSX. I suspect the base of this car could compete against the NSX,GTR,570s performance wise (570s is a bit of a stretch acceleration wise). I think higher performance models would be needed to perform against the Ford GT.

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tyler  8m ago

Some angles of this test mule make's it look kinda like a pickup truck. But especially picture up above it looks like a mid engine supercar. I think the test mule from January looks better than this.


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