16 McLaren Senna - lightweight, combustion-only P1 successor

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McLaren's next ultimate supercar has been revealed and it is striking in every way - unless if you are electric car futurist, because McLaren opted to get rid of the KERS system to save weight.

Snobbish oldschoolers will applaud McLaren for this design choice and it may be more than just appealing to purists - McLaren 720S is already proven to be a match for P1 on several race tracks, and the new Senna hypercar will be more powerful and lighter still.

1w ago by FastestLaps
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tyler  1w ago

The 720s is just as fast as a Mclaren P1 and a 918. Can't wait to see how fast this beast is.


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FastestLaps  1w ago

It should be slower in straight line than P1. Not that it matters really :)

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sroser  6d ago @FastestLaps

Don't bet on it. It's 200-250kg lighter than a P1. It claims 800hp, but the 720S claimed 720hp and had 800hp. ;)

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FastestLaps  6d ago @sroser

Depends what starting speed are we talking about - if its 100 - 250 then yes - Senna might be faster. If its 200-300 - no way it beats P1 with extra 200 hp. Power is king at high speed.

Also, I think this new car will have more downforce and be even less top-speed oriented than P1. Which is great for a track oriented car (which this will be), but not for things like 1 km drag races or high speed rolling acceleration pulls.

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sroser  6d ago @FastestLaps

But the difference won't be anything like 200hp though. On paper it's 800 vs 916, but given the 720S packs 800+hp, it's probably nearer 850-900 vs 916. The extra drag from the aero may be a factor though.

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Fastedee  6d ago @sroser


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n21t4  5d ago

720S makes 834hp (823bhp) and 568lb-ft while weighing 1419kg. (Power to weight: 1.7kg/hp), (Torque to weight: 2.49kg/lb-ft).

P1 makes 917hp (903bhp) and 723lb-ft while weighing 1490kg. (Power to weight: 1.62kg/hp), (Torque to weight: 2.06kg/lb-ft).

P1 should basically win in a straight line race. It’s also got a better aerodynamic profile and DRS. Torque is all there from 0RPM.

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Fastedee  4d ago @n21t4

I thought it made 770 bhp and 695 bhp at the wheels?

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hostboy  4d ago @n21t4

834hp 720S stock = bullshit

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n21t4  2d ago @hostboy

The 720S makes 698hp at the wheels. If you use this website to convert it, it is 823hp.


However, I don’t know if they mean hp or bhp. If they mean bhp, 823bhp = 834hp. I’m not making it up, I’m just trying to use resources to try see how much it’s making...

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Fastedee  2d ago @n21t4

It assumes 15% loss but 10% is more likely for mid engined car.

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n21t4  18h ago @Fastedee

A 10% loss from 834hp would be 750hp (741bhp). Doesn’t that mean that if the 720S is making 780hp (769bhp) with the loss, it is making more than 834hp without?

If it makes 780hp with the loss, 10% of 780 is 78. That means without the loss it is making 858hp. (780+78)

Or am I wrong somewhere?

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Fastedee  17h ago @n21t4

Drag Times dynoed 695 bhp at rear wheels. A 10 % loss from 772 and 15 % from 817.

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n21t4  16h ago @Fastedee

Oh okay, wasn’t far off. I said 834hp, which is equivalent to 823bhp, so just 6bhp more. So to the person who said I was talking bullshit, I really wasn’t. Just got a slight wrong figure.

But thanks for calmly explaining, @Fastedee

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Fastedee  16h ago @n21t4

If Senna puts 740-745 to rear wheels at 1200 kg? Holy sh#t

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hostboy  15h ago @n21t4

I thought modern-day twin-turbo V8's were more like 5-6% efficient. Heck, even the supercharged 5.4-liter Ford GT was like this.


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fakekillerfour 11h 

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Progresso 14h 

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