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5 years ago

Mercedes C63 AMG vs Lexus IS-F

We were lucky: in spite of the snowfall, temperature was above zero so we had a wet track and two super-sedans - Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and Lexus IS-F. More than 400 hp and RWD is not a good mix in such conditions, but there was no way back.

Lexus was the first to tackle this test. The only thing we got from stability system, was ringing noise. Neither brakes nor engine helped to cope with drift even when the angle was relatively small. Chassis were well balanced, brakes - stable. IS-F was very fast and user-friendly.

But C63 AMG was faster. It was sharper. It needed more concentration, and in slow corners wanted to slip off the track owing to heavy engine. Downshifting in manual mode was not as precise as in Lexus, yet, somehow, in chicanes MB C63 AMG could match the IS-F, and its lap time was almost 3.5 seconds better 1:54.8 vs 1:58.2 by Lexus IS-F.

Full story will be published in Za Rulem #12, December.

Community comments (23)

  2 years ago
The is F is faster than the AMG and is equal to the M3 in the Lightening Lap of 2011 and is even faster in 2012.
  2 years ago
I got a blk c 63 Amg sedan with perform package it's fast love the sound And handles well for a big car but Iiked more my BMW 335i coupe maybe because it was smaller but the handling was awesome
  3 years ago
isf anyday looks more smart less popular and more expensive
  4 years ago
So Tupac really is alive!
  4 years ago
bai kin, dont hype it c63 all the way
  4 years ago
I Just Love MB, especially C 63 AMG and E 63 Amg, so I woul never ever bought Lexus or especially BMW :))
  4 years ago
Is f is the best
  4 years ago
Don't get me wrong, I'd have the C63 over the M3 anyday, but credit where credit is due the M3 has better handling, I'm not saying it's a better car as a whole.
I am actually standing up for the C63 as many people make the mistake in thinking the C63 is a bad handling car just because the M3 handles better. In fact the C63 handles really well for a car of it's type.
  4 years ago
Lexus is the best f... bmw and benz
  5 years ago
It is true that there os very little time were you will need the m3's hamdling but other than tht it is still a beast one of the best cars around
8400 rpm 414 bhp v8 in a convertible ....
how can mwerc copmpete with tht
  5 years ago
Aint Lexus just another blinged up Toyota?
  5 years ago
@C635 months ago
M3 sucks.
No, you suck.

Anyways, stick to the article. It is about the IS-F and C63.

Driven both and read a lot of car mags like a nerdy Devil's advocate. What can I say? I like cars. That includes driving them, looking at them and learning about them.

My take.
Looks: C63. Just looks more expensive and special. Very subjective.
Handling/Steering: Draw. Can't tell a diff in the corners.
Engine/Speed: C63 feels and sounds faster.
Mileage: Similar. Poor. Don't give a shite.
Clutch/Shifter: Similar. They are both automatic only. Not even double clutch offered. Whatever.
Relability: Probably Lexus. Based on all their other recent cars.
Verdict: I'd rather have an C63. And have you get the IS-F, so we can swap cars once in a while.

  5 years ago
was this a 2011 IS-F with the updates that made it lap VIR 8 seconds faster than it's older counterpart?
  5 years ago
taste is to argued about.. but the facts are facts... the M3 is still by far the best handling car and as a result also the fastest on a track in comparisson to c63/rs4/is-f
  5 years ago
AUDI RS4 is the best.respect AUDI RS.
  5 years ago
Ive been in the beamer, benz, and the Lex. Personally I gotta say that being behind the steering wheel of the benz was something else. The loud engine, exhaust, interior, and overall looks just make up for anything. Gotta love it honestly.
  5 years ago
  5 years ago
Rene because it is overrated bmw.
  5 years ago
C63 why the new M3 sucks??? explain plz. The M3 is the best handling car in this class.
If its the nicest cant say, every taste is personal, but the best handling isnt.
  5 years ago

@Daniel Heynike

STFU with this F.... M3.

M3 sucks.

  5 years ago

I'm surprised that such stupidity and ignorance still exists.
  5 years ago
Well if you look at the IS-F's lap results as a whole it doesn't appear to be that good of a performer though I sure it's a fine street car. However, my money would definitely go towards the C63 AMG if I was willing to spend 65k on an automobile. I'm not too fund of it being an automatic only but that hand built 6.2l N/A V8 motor makes up for any sort comings. I would love to scare the shit out of people and set off car alarms driving through parking garages with that beast.

But then again theres the M3 which is certainly the best overall performer but you have to ask yourself how often are you actually going to exceed the limits of either car? In short Im inclined to think the C63 AMG would be a more enjoyable daily driver vs. the M3. Its got plenty capable handling dynamics, a throbbing hard-on inducing exhaust note, boat loads of torque and looks quite handsome.

I would love to own a C63 but Im most likely going to settle for a 11 BMW 335i w/ M sport package and a couple other minor options for around 46-48k. Not quite the car the C63 is but Im sure Ill enjoy it plus it should be pretty easy to up the power a notch or two if I want.
  5 years ago
A pleasing and expected result...
The C63 might not be as sharp as the M3, but is still a very dynamic car.

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