12 25,000 mph Tesla Roadster ready to launch into deep space

Cover for 25,000 mph Tesla Roadster ready to launch into deep space

Elon Musk's SpaceX is planning to test-fly heavy lift rocket "Falcon Heavy" before the end of this month. As dummy payload for this demonstration flight, Falcon Heavy will carry Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster, which, given mission success, will become the first "flying car" in open space - the first extraterrestrial car being the lunar rover from NASA's Apollo-15, 16 and 17.

Falcon Heavy second stage will accelerate the doomed cherry-red Roadster to Earth-escape velocity and release into orbit around the sun where it will fly through vacuum for billions of years, or until we develop technology to catch up to it and retrieve it - it may be SpaceX themselves who rescue this piece of automotive history, given enough advancement in space technology in coming decades.

I really do hope they mount plenty of cameras in payload bay and on the car itself - it will make for best PR photography ever.

1m ago by FastestLaps
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FastestLaps  2w ago

One of the most significant pictures of the 21st century.


Electric cars and space exploration all-in-one.

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Bryce  2w ago

Our tax payer dollars at work.


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FastestLaps  2w ago

For once these dollars will actually amount to something. Its hard to believe this will actually happen...


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FastestLaps  3w ago

Launch date February 6th...

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andrewevo  1m ago

That still will not make me buy any Teslazy self-crashing tablet on wheels...


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FastestLaps  1m ago

Self-crashing cars are only for noobs who can't crash themselves.

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FastestLaps  1m ago

I hope the launch will actually happen this month. With SpaceX and rockets in general - you never know. They just postponed static fire test (again) and launch date is still unknown.

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sroser  1m ago

Imagine if we could do that with all electric cars.


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Crimetorre  1m ago

I sign up just to give you a like and say your coment just touch my petrolhead heart.

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Fastedee  1m ago @Crimetorre

I think the great Henry Ford aroused interest as well with his pointed comment.

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FastestLaps  1m ago

I like electric cars, but maybe because they are novelty atm - if future is all electric (and it is) then I will surely miss the sounds of piston engines.

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Fastedee  1m ago

Imagine if it could even do 12500 or even 6250 on land:D


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tyler 4h 

added data for Porsche 718 Cayman S and data for Audi TT RS Coupe (8S)

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