0 - 60 mph 4.3 s
1/4 mile 12.7 s @ 112 mph


Power 318 kw (426 bhp / 432 ps) @ 5000 rpm
Torque 569 Nm (421 lb-ft) @ 4500 rpm
Displacement 6.2 liters (378 ci)
Bore and stroke 103.2 mm (4.1 in) x 92 mm (3.6 in)
Compression 10.7 to 1
Engine type N/A V8
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox 6-Speed Manual
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity
Year of introduction 2012
Home country USA


Curb weight 1751 kg (3852 lbs) +


Power to Weight ratio 243 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 69 bhp/liter stats

FL Rank Position - 491/1598, 4 points
Page views 17424
Car submitted by Jeff B

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Community comments (92)

  2 years ago
Mental, seriously? A Camaro 1LE, and a Boss302 and they didn't provide any data or even a video? Magazines should be fined, or punished in some way for stupidity like that... haha
Yeah I think the general consensus is that even a 1LE can lap faster than a Boss302 LS. Just gotta wait and see what the blue-oval boys can do with the next generation 'Stang!
  2 years ago
From Road'n'Track head 2 head competition:

But that's no a Roush Mustang; that's a Boss.

But unfortunately, there's neither video, nor test data. But I know at the track Camaro 1LE outperforms the Boss.
  2 years ago
Mental, sweet pic where did you find that? A '14 Camaro 1LE with a Roush Mustang racing each other?
That has to be a good comparison! :)
  2 years ago
Thanks for the info, Flabernat!

The front of that Camaro looks graceful, that's an improvement. Mustang got blur though.

But I still think I prefer the Mustang design over the Camaro.
  2 years ago
@ Mental
Yepp, 2014 Camaro's still have the 1LE option. Looks like you can also opt for the sweet Recaro seat's that come standard with the Z/28! :)
  2 years ago
Hmmm, is the 1LE package available for the facelifted 2014 Camaro range?
  3 years ago
Camaros have always offered a lot of performance for the price.
  3 years ago
@Buddie05, too true man. $37k is cheap for the numbers this thing puts down.
...Also, can someone update the curb weight, it's: 3860 lb(from MT article, link below)
  3 years ago
The 1le's curb weight is 3875 pounds this can be verified by car and driver can someone please update it?
  3 years ago
@Buddie05 He's talking about the Willow Springs lap time.
  3 years ago, last edited 3 years ago
David O. C&D ran the 1LE on the same track as the 13 GT500. The GT won by less than a second yet had 236 hp advantage and cost $25,000 more. The 1LE is an astounding car that should be getting more praise than it is.
  3 years ago
It would have been nice to see the LE-1 run the same track length as the rest of the vehicles on the list! 1.55 miles vs. 1.8 miles heck it should be quicker. GM is failing with every step!
  3 years ago
the biggest different are for sure the tires /wheels specially at the front axle... 285 vs 245 makes a huge different in
a) stop performance
b) traction
and 285 in the rear for the 275 get the power better to the ground
c) Good Year Eagle Supercar tires are something different than the standart Pirelli

next to that the different final drive ratio gives you more options on the track to be in the best rev band
  3 years ago
@Capn Quick
The suspension was reworked with the 2012 model. The technology and experience from ZL1 northloop testing watered down to the normal Camaros, have driven the old 2010 and the new 2012 suspension on the Camaro SS and the different in handling communication between driver and car is giant. The old was bit wobbling at the rear and to soft and did not feel well at high speeds, the 2012 is firm without being harsh and has a very good high speed stability ... it is big fun on the Autobahn :)
  3 years ago, last edited 3 years ago
The 1le has a completely revised suspension and actually weighs slightley less than the SS which has also had some light suspension revisions since 2010. Its got stiffer sway bars, monotube shocks a lighter carbonfiber hood a splitter and wider front tires and a more aggresive final drive gear ratio. With the time Chevy posted it makes it faster than any mustang ever around VIR
  3 years ago
If any another car would be tested round the track like this...

Actually I wonder what lets the 1LE be so faster than the "simple" SS, tires? Cause engine is the same, curb weight - the same, aerodynamics - the same, gearbox - the same; suspension, brakes? If only tires, then I really don't see the sense of the 1LE as an another model. Or maybe the car is a more performance beast than it's claimed?... something not clear...
  3 years ago
Not in there Lightning Lap test, i ment the Chevrolet Manufaktur test.
  3 years ago
@ CoolShirtGuy: Like you know who?, Sounds to me like a cry for help.
  3 years ago
Not sure why they didn't include the 427 Vert, but the Z06 wasn't allowed as per the rules of the competition. I believe the Lightning Lap is the same as Motor Trend's Best Driver's Car, in that only new cars or cars that have had significant changes in the model year are allowed in. That said, cars like the Z06 and GT-R were left out because there have been no significant changes since the last time they ran(Z06 in 2011, GT-R in 2012). Of course, people don't seem to realize this, and there's no shortage of GT-R nut-swingers raging about it on C&D's website and their YouTube videos.
  3 years ago
It's beginning to look like a better bargain, Chevrolet is about to introduce a new generation faster standard Corvette later this year and they're making the Camaro faster, while keeping it cheaper than the Corvette.
  3 years ago
ZL1 not ZO6-_-
  3 years ago
Ok now my YouTube is working, so i added the Laps of the 1LE and ZO6.

Im curious as to why they didnt test the ZO6, and maybe 427.

And can we change the Pic up there to an actually production model, IE the Yellow on on the side? and the name SS 1LE instead of just 1LE.
  3 years ago
Depends on the circumstances, really. There's about a $33k price difference between the 1LE tested by Motor Trend and a standard Z06. If you bought the parts yourself and had the know-how and skill to properly install them, I think $33k would be more than enough to bring a 1LE SS up to a Z06's level in all-around performance. But professional kits would probably end up doubling the price of the car(it's the labor costs that get you).

Personally, I'd probably go with a standard ZL1 and slap some R-Comps on it. That would probably bring it right up to a base Z06 on a track(though it wouldn't really help on the straights), and you'd still have some $20k left over for whatever else you wanted to do.

It's actually pretty surprising that GM would let the Camaro get so close to its halo car. But, then again, the C6 was already on its way out when the ZL1 and 1LE arrived, so maybe GM doesn't care that much about preserving the C6's image at this point.
  3 years ago
Cars are getting heavier these days, especially Italian Cars.

But also Usually lighter materials cost more money, but in terms of Chevrolets exp, i think it would come to little to no extra cost, hell maybe even lightening the cars could make them worse(Balance/distribution over tyres) doubt it thought, but i am surpsied the ZL1 and Vette actually got alot faster while actually adding weight rather then taking it away....
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