27 Volkswagen or US government - who is the real "cheater"?

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Volkswagen is all over news sites accross the world, and the headlines are nothing short of "damning".

The worlds largest automaker has been exploiting weaknesses in emissions testing procedure to comply with the strict emission regulations in United States.

Apparently, this exploitation has been ongoing for a long time, and more than 11 million VW group vehicles built since 2009 have passed emissions tests unfairly.

Dishonesty and bending of rules is never fair. ...more

26 Welcome to Fastestlaps

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It may look unusual and rough around the edges, and you might encounter a bug (or twenty) here and there, but don't let this new look fool you - this is not an automotive "facelift" - this is a fully fledged "Mk II" generation of Fastestlaps.com.

It is a brand new website from ground up. Everything was built from a clean slate - from database to the website itself.

This allowed me ...more

25 2 new tracks, 2 drivers and 60 laptimes

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I have added two more tracks - Velo Citta and Ferte Gaucher.

Velo Citta is a purpose-built, FIA-certified racing venue in Brazil. It is used as testing grounds for Brazilian automotive show "Acelerados". One of the presenters and the man responsible for all Velo Citta times is Brazilian racing driver, former Ferrari F1 pilot Rubens Barichello, who is no stranger to racing street cars against stopwatch, having previously held TopGear "star ...more