18 Aston Martin DB11 is much faster than S-Class coupe

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TopGear season 24 Episode 3 has aired and it includes another classic 2 car TopGear Test Track laptime faceoff - this time between two powerful luxury coupes Aston Martin DB11 and Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe.

Since Aston Martin DB11 has twelve cylinders, it would have been fair if TopGear brought the V12 S65 instead of S63. But I doubt if extra power would be enough to close the 2.5 second gap. V12 in S65 ...more

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17 Is BMW M5 xDrive G30 already obsolete?

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Next generation all-wheel-drive M5 is not out yet, but it already looks it will fail to regain performance sedan leadership for BMW.

Regular G30 is enjoying favorable reviews which may help G30 M5 win in sales - something BMW would, certainly, appreciate after losing its status of largest luxury car manufacturer to Mercedes-Benz.

Performance leadership is where G30 M5 will face tough competition from Porsche and Audi, particularly from the Panamera Turbo ...more

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7 Adding GT3 lap times

GT3 is a very popular racing catergory, and I struggle to find track records of them without going through a lot of different qualifying timing sheets. This will be useful for people comparing sim times with real records.

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