115 488 Pista, Is it really worth it? (updated)

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The 488 Pista, the replacement for the 458 Speciale with additional 50 bhp, more aggressive design, and better aerodynamics - is it really worth it?

The 488 Pista is equipped with the most powerful V8 in Ferrari History, but sometimes you could just do better - an example is the Ferrari 488 Novitec N Largo. It is more expensive, but it's worth it - Novitec adds additional 111 horsepower, yup, you read ...more

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20 Gents it’s time for round two!

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After the very amusing 488 Pista discussion, I have another delicious topic for you. The Picture above shows the notebook from Roland Kussmaul (taskmaster 993 GT2). This is his entry for the 993 GT2 run from 26.07.00 on the Nordschleife with Walter Röhrl.

"26.07.00 Fg 416 Nbrg trocken Walter R.Benzin 102 --> Steuergerät +6°Luftdruck 2,0/2,2Pirelli 225/285 auf 4 mm abgeschliffenStabi 5/3"

«Benzin 102 --> Steuergerät +6°» means they used 102 octane and ...more

2m ago by DrDuke

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added laptime for Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991 facelift)

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