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You both are out of your minds...

It is a ...Car..

Not a fan of Turbofication, Im all about keeping that heritage, But if they were gonna turbo there cars, Or ...

Just put the lowest weight of the car weighed as long as it's not dry weight unless it hasn't been ...

Driver and conditions, Along with settings and load can make a difference, Or some kind of problem, I think one ...

...the king of what?

We mostly put magazine/Tv times for acceleration data, There a a good amount of times on this site from an ...

Saving is never a bad thing, But cars like this that offer "That" real driving experience are getting rarer and ...

Omg no way, Had no idea..

Watcu talking bout erybody knows crashing into gravel takes of your gonna say racing stripes dint add an extra ...

He'll yes it's a detriment in high speed pulls, It's not definitive, But weight will hurt it, But there's a ...

It rains 389 days a year here, Cant really expect the best conditions for the most part on a UK ...

All these GP times look weird

lol Your basing its 0-200kph time on power to weight ratio? Your also forgetting big factors in comparing it with ...

Dude just add it......Wait..

Randoms baby..

....Unless you no of another Italian car that 70k that seats 4 is comfortable and has 500bhp...

Dude just read the comments below, From 2 years ago.

Sho Iz. You would have to be ones serious Bmw fan to buy this

Thats because its an amazing car thats getting amazing reviews, Plus its still new and reminiscent of the past of ...

Well maybe there is a secret moderator? lol And that dude has it out for you, Maybe we should team ...

Ooh, Saucy.

Its not gonna do any of those times, But im only basing it on current calculated bhp and weight umbers ...

Either a claim or tested, I wouldt bother putting calculations.

To be fast in a straight line you only need a powerful engine. Chassis in not relevant I honestly cant ...

I somewhat agree, its basically a ZO6 with 200bhp less and a 200% chance less likely to kill you, But ...

Arent you in London?..

What 918 lap are you talking about?

Ill add it when im able too....Eventuall y...-_-

...You should no this lap wasnt stock...

Top Gear was an entertainment comedy show first, Car show second, Unlike motortrend which is a car show with comedy ...

..Im still waiting for them to bring back the Pinto..

This is like Old School FastestLaps.Com like 5 years ago(Bottom Comments) lol

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added laptime for Ford Mustang GT (Mk VI)

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added laptime for Ford Mustang GT (Mk VI)

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added laptime for McLaren 650 S Spider and data for Infiniti Y51 Q70S 5.6

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added laptime for Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 (Mk II), laptime for Jaguar XJR, laptime for Jaguar XF SV8 (Mk I), laptime for Jaguar XFR (Mk I), laptime for Jaguar XJL Supersport and more


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added data for Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG S (W205), laptime for Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG S (W205), data for Alfa Romeo Giulia QV, laptime for Alfa Romeo Giulia QV, data for Aston Martin Vanquish S and more

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