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Contidrom: 1:26.46 min https://www.flic dethecollector/a lbums/7215768007 0924630

Based on the videos of the driving style of AutoZeitung's testdrivers, I would not compare their talent to Christian Gebhart's... ...

@FastestLaps :D in other words: f*#>ing fast for the stock power ...

God, these statements are getting more and more pathetic.

Hockenheimring Short: 1:13,0 min Driven by Horst von Saurma (AutoZeitung 06/2017)

That BTG article is waaaay over BS.

@saxy Until this year, 991.2 Turbo had no factory-option tyres like 991.1 had (Dunlops). It came only with P Zeros. ...

More laptimes from Sport Auto's 1st visit on this track back in 2015 (weather conditions were much better back then). ...

Exact laptime is 7:50.4 min based on the addition of the sector times. :)

0-100 kph: 6,0 s 0-200 kph: 24,0 s Vmax: 251 kph https://www.yout HJhxlMDFYGo& t=0s

7:22 min on Ring with new P Zero Corsa N0 semi-slick tyres.

LOL Just a reminder: the Alfa won the comparison in Sport Auto :D

If I have to choose between this and the DB11 for a across-Europe-tr ip I would definitely choose the V12... :) ...

@FastestLaps Yes, the aerokit from the Z06 reduces the topspeed from 290 to 260 kph.

@FastestLaps AutoBild Sportscars track-driver is Guido Naumann 99% of the time. If not (and usually it's mentioned in the article), ...

Those weight figures for R8, GT-R and Turbo S in AMuS are wrong. The very same 911 TS testcar was ...

That testcar had 631 hp (the one that did 30,4 s).

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added data for BMW M135i (F20)

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