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Brake comparison between F1 and LMP1 https://translat e.google.com/tra nslate?sl=de& ;tl=en&js=y& amp;prev=_t& hl=de&ie=UTF -8&u=https%3 A%2F%2Fch.motors port.com%2Fleman s%2Fnews%2Ftechn ik-formel-1-vs-l mp1-zwei-extreme -auf-der-bremse% 2F3122373%2F& ;edit-text= (there seems to be only a german version of this text)

I have the motor trend issue 6/18 but there is no pista review in it. Could you make a picture ...

Nope xD - it's Vairano handling course http://fastestla ps.com/tracks/va irano-handling-c ourse

http://www.auton ews.com/article/ 20180601/BLOG06/ 180539956/fca-5- year-plan-ram-pi ckup-jeep-marchi onne?X-IgnoreUse rAgent=1 Here are all the details - further down in the text there is a link to the Alfa presentation ...

https://www.yout ube.com/watch?v= A1cjguZgWEM& feature=youtu.be It's because in case of an accident it trashes the other car. Safety first for me then the rest ...

You got me - I didn't read them xD Won't be more than this official record. I think it would ...

This belongs on top of that list: http://fastestla ps.com/models/am z-grimsel#116338

2 months ago 

added AMZ Grimsel

2 months ago 

da masked goes da fastest. If you use your ears then you hear the rear has wheelspin before it hits ...

You are arguing like the F1 has no restrictive rules. The main reasons for the restrictions is the safety of ...

It's because of the GDPR law. They have a tracking/spy page which is against eu law and they didn't get ...

DOHC with 4 valves was developed by Ernest Henry: https://en.wikip edia.org/wiki/Er nest_Henry_(engi neer) The first application was 1912 on a peugeot racing car. ...

gt2rs was on cup2 720s was on corsas

https://www.form ula1.com/en/resu lts.html/2018/ra ces/979/australi a/practice-1.htm l Albert Park 5.303km / lap - Race: 58 laps = 307.574km Vettel 153 laps = 811.359 km Hamilton 147 ...

lol petrr that trash you write xD The pirelli p zero corsa was not developed for alfa romeo. These tire ...

The best dynos have an inaccuracy of 2%. I don't know how much worse the worst are but I think ...

https://488pista .ferrari.com/en/ homepage https://488pista .ferrari.com/en/ homepage/perform ance https://488pista .ferrari.com/en/ homepage/dynamic s https://488pista .ferrari.com/en/ homepage/aerodyn amics https://488pista .ferrari.com/en/ homepage/design

the giulia won all the reviews I posted - you have to listen to the verdict. http://fastestla ps.com/models/al fa-romeo-giulia- qv here is some ...

best performane for the bucks! The main advantage is the clever body control software.

How many causal people do you know who don't care about cars in general and drive an alfa romeo? ...

figure 8 and hockenheim short provits from good power to weight ratio. Nordschleife is just about horsepower and drag. Then ...

After the very amusing 488 Pista discussion, I have another delicious topic for you. The Picture above shows the notebook ...

And they didn't mention the tires they used. If they had the original compound from 20-30 years ago then it's ...

@fastestlaps could you please add Giulia to the car name :)

Evo car of the year 2017: Best Super Saloon

6 months ago 

added Alfa Romeo Veloce Q2

10 months ago 

liked tyler post

10 months ago 

so you say that the 918 does the hybrid better than the other 2 cars but it runs out of ...

why first attempt? - It's more like 1001 attempt. - They are driving since a year on the nordschleife with ...

Most car magazine drivers (not to mention the owners) are already overchallenged with this soft road setup and the amount ...

Why didn't you already remove these estiamted numbers? Or can we now guess what we dlike to?

Remember kids if its a Porsche pre production car nobody doubt the laptime on the nos but if its a ...

http://www.roada ndtrack.com/moto rsports/a1034904 9/2017-dodge-vip er-gts-r-nurburg ring-ring-lap-ti me-farnbacher/

Quali engines had to last for about 15-30mins. Since the 80ies the engineers have computers to aid in development. This ...

at the end its just another golf


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