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Monterey Car week it was sold at.

Yet it can match a track focused 4 door like the track focused Cadillacs who have very similar Willow times.This ...

Car and Driver faster as usual

That's 1000 Extra Gross horsepower Mister on the dynobullcrapomet er

Some people just go on a site to watch it burn... and its members burn in horror and frustration. Men ...

Braking gets Lexus even

Lotus exI get 240r my bad.

I love when they play the Wagner on theach MT video lol

240 kg of downforce would probably crush that cheap piece of plastic lmao.

Once again the European is the dragster and the American the track car.

I suspect the McLaren has a little less lateral g maybe 1.11-12 versus 1.16.

Strange how Lamborghinis and VW's Nordschleife laps seem disproportionate ly fast compared to their other laps.

The 488 should do 1:33-34 at Laguna

The Porsche almost has its own level above the Camaro and Mustang but below the Ferrari,Corvette and ACR

While Americans didn't accept germ theory till the 1880's ...long after Europe ...a primitive hatred of Americans denies their engineering ...

On the track that is

Regular Viper is better dragster and MT found ZO6 spoiler slows high speed acceleration but slightly improves laptimes

The Corvette is the most attractive and sophisticated but that ACR rules the track against anything under 250k.

Hostboy never says anything asinine.

Lateral g is higher with a more roomy interior

Just a.magic pair of machines. I wonder how the Matrix Ducati driven by Carrie Anne Moss (except for the 10% ...

It would have to do 125-127.3 in .3 seconds which translates to a 0-60 in 9.5 seconds or too quick. ...

Cammissa or that husky Jewish lad said that 3.9 to 60 was near the limits of front engine rwd in ...