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added laptime for Mercedes-Benz W08, laptime for Mercedes-Benz W08, laptime for Ferrari SF70-H, laptime for Ferrari SF70-H, laptime for Renault RS17 and more

2 weeks ago 

added data for Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro and Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro

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added data for Toyota TS040 and Toyota TS040

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added Ferrari F2004

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I wouldn't be surprised. But it's strange how the new model (whatever it is) always beats previous models, even if ...

Remember, Porsche horsepower are not the same as everyone else's horsepower :D

It did go hunting for 918 at the Nurb.

If someone was crazy enough to do high rpm clutch drop/full gas/no mercy redline acceleration run in this 36 million ...

Pile of very interesting simulation data added. Feel free to hover your cursor over any of it and see where ...

I think it's silly for magazines to publish estimates, especially for 0-60 mph which is very short time interval and ...


It is interesting that Audi now have so many turbo engine configurations - inline 4 turbo, inline 5 turbo, V6 ...

Is there a runway or a long stretch of straight road precisely parallel to the 100 mph winds in Florida? ...

A model car, perhaps, or a keyring?

And more expensive, I bet :D It's the new trend everywhere - make the new product cheaper to make (worse) ...

Just like many of the people who will drive them :D

Having seen some of your previous posts, I am glad you didn't bring certain other meaning of the "ss" acronym... ...

KTM starting to show it's clout - no doubt it has to be up there in terms of budget and ...

It's not like LMP1 don't have plenty of regulations. But, yes, they are more relaxed. This is why I love ...

Mk I CTS-V was before CTS-V was serious performance contender.

They already have engine for it - Alfa Romeo twin turbo V6.

Will or won't many people track any particular car doesn't change the fact that it's track performance is best representation ...


You don't like Porsches?

We only got Porsche's official numbers for GT2 RS and, historically, they have always been on conservative side. Remains to ...

F1 cars are not producing 1000 horsepower from those 1.6 turbo engines alone. Stop daydreaming.

Let's see what laptime they come up with!

Fixed power

And Porsche's horsepower (PHP) being more powerful than regular horsepower...

I need to catch up with perf data submissions

"Naked interior" - I am not sure if that claim is valid, but either way, it is not that 918 ...

MX-5 ftw!

It was "damn good motoring" if not "best motoring". I really miss their shows, nobody else does wheel-to-wheel road car ...

Civic record is not recognized by any authority. Just because something is on Wikipedia doesn't mean it's real. I bet ...

I like those wheels because they are soooo crazy and unlike anything else. Like some sort of aero wheels for ...


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tyler 9h 

added laptime for Audi TT RS Coupe (8S) and laptime for Audi TT RS Coupe (8S)

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fakekillerfour 19h 

added data for Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4

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