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2 days ago 

Self-crashing cars are only for noobs who can't crash themselves.

It is possible because those TT v8 engines of Audi, Mercedes and BMW are absolute beasts!

Motorcycles, Open-wheelers, Touring cars (road-racing saloon cars), Road Cars.

Depends what starting speed are we talking about - if its 100 - 250 then yes - Senna might be ...

Everyone is calling it "Corvette", but I think it would make more sense to give it a different name - ...

I was so gonna add this car today, but turns out it was added by someone else already a month ...

Renamed to "Mk III" for consistency.

Not a production car surely

Replacement/face lift for 570S?

Yeah, those latest ZF models are getting great reviews and some journous are almost claiming that they are better than ...

I was just about to say.... :D

That wing on Viper did no favors. ACR probably the last car u would want for a fast highway drag ...

Some great publicity in yesterday's Grand Tour for this car. And it deserves it. I hope Audi keeps building these ...

3 weeks ago 

added data for Ferrari F2004, data for Toyota TS040, data for Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster, data for Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991), data for BMW M5 (G30) and more

2 months ago 

added Grand Tour Rallycross

3 months ago 

liked sroser post, tyler post

3 months ago 

Was the previous Hennessey record actually proven or was it just an estimate? Estimates don't count for world records and ...

McLaren were ahead of competition since the facelifted MP4-12C, These are essentially carbon fiber cars. Carbon fiber + turbo engine ...

Fastest MotoGP bikes within 18 seconds of slowest 2016 Formula 1 cars over 2 minute lap - quite impressive... ...

But purists might think its no a "real quattro" system. These on-demand awd systems are usually associated with "city offroaders" ...

I think best days of NSX are still ahead. I hope they do a "Type R" version with some weight ...

Kohta Nozane almost got the honor of being slower on a MotoGP bike than a Nissan GT-R :D :D :D ...

Really don't like the practice of shortening/chang ing track layouts for MotoGP races... Robs us of ability to compare fastest bikes ...

3 months ago 

added Aragon MotoGP

4 months ago 

added Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro and Toyota TS040


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