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2 years ago 

added Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

2 years ago 

Agreed, I have the 2.0L turbo "lnf", I love it :)

@Saxy, very much agree. I like the C6 Z06 more as well. In fact, I prefer it over the C7 ...

@FastestLaps ...That's awesome, I want one!

@Tyler I believe Motor Trend's circle they use for max lateral-G is larger than most other magazine, so any aero ...

I imagine that sharing engine/drive-tra ins cut down a lot of costs, which do help us, the customer... But I get ...

This things in a beast, it's the P1's younger brother.

Wow, that's fast! 0_0

The 1LE handling pack is here. And it's available for both V8 and V6 models! http://www.caran ddriver.com/news /2017-chevrolet- camaro-1le-v-6-v -8-photos-and-in fo-news

BR2+ You made a good observation; "On most tracks a ZO6 would decimate everything..." The C7 Z06 is insanely fast(as ...

@BR2+ haha, yeah man, I play lead electric-guitar, there's another acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keys/keyboard, drummer, and two vocals... it's ...

I'm surprised how close the ACR and Z06/Z07 lap-times are. I'm eager to see a direct head to head with ...

For comparison, manone, the Hurracan is faster than the 458Speciale at Vairano Handling Course, and much faster 0-60mph, and 1/4th ...

0_0 ...Holy Cow... What a blistering lap time. I'd love to see Randy's reaction and driving-impressi on after that lap-time....I find ...

Lol, BR2+, yepp I'll second that!

Yeah, which is fairly surprising. Some were complaining that starting price($37k) for the 6th-gen Camaro SS is too high. Well ...

2 years ago 

added laptime for Chevrolet Camaro SS (Mk VI)

2 years ago 

added data for Chevrolet Camaro SS (Mk VI) and Chevrolet Camaro SS

2 years ago 

What a huge disappointment from Chevrolet. That LT4 has had problems ever since it was introduced. How is it that ...

It's truly remarkable that a 4100+lbs 4-door luxury car can lap a race-track faster than a 2-door V10 sports car... ...

I think it was dumb of VW to cheat like they did.... That said, I think the EPA are just ...

I think the ATS looks great! It's sharp and edgy. The new C-Class looks great as well. I like the ...

It's insane what kind of performance numbers luxury sedans can make these days! 0_0

Interesting results... Were these fastlaps performed by a pro, or the journalists from R&T?

Technology isn't necessarily a bad thing, but(in this context) the entire purpose of a specialized track version of a sports ...

Tires are not the end-all be-all. They help, but they're not everything. Remember this little gem of an article MotorTrend ...

Wow,.... those are interesting results! 0_0

BR2+ Agreed, I think it speaks volumes about the Z/28's driving pleasure and enthusiasm when a professional race car driver ...

Hahaha, BR2+, that meme is hilarious!

3 years ago 

added laptime for Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

3 years ago 

added laptime for Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, laptime for Porsche 918 Spyder, laptime for Subaru WRX STI, laptime for BMW M235i, laptime for Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG and more


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