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Aerodynamics ;-)

Still faster than a Lamborghini Aventador... 0-100 km/h: 3.7 s 0-200 km/h: 8.8 s 0-300 km/h: 20.3 s

I actually found a direct link to the scans good gamer was referring to! http://egmont-me dia.s3-website-e u-west-1.amazona ster_pdf/090101. pdf 0-100 kph: 3.7 sec 0-200 ...

Asinine! I actually believe the M4 GTS can even reach as fast as 200 mph, maybe 201 if you're lucky. ...

The 160-180 kph acceleration time on the Huracán is beyond ridiculous, around McLaren P1/LaFerrari/S7 Twin Turbo territory!! :D

Lamborghini underrated the Huracán so that it doesn't outclass the Aventador. It actually makes 690 hp. Both the base model ...

But also... a 6.4s 0-180kph time? 8-----D->> >>-____ ---------------- ---------v | | |

I was just kidding guys...lmao, I just say some hella weird things sometimes because I say what's in mah miind ...

If this is true, then the Ferrari should make 780 hp. Rear-wheel-drive , 10.3sec 1/4-mile, would probably be only a second ...

I'm starting to think the 570S is the real 650hp car (because seriously, almost no 570hp road car can do ...

Just wait for the actual numbers in real tests by popular magazines... i.e. Car and Driver, Sport Auto, etc. Dodge ...

I think this car should do 0-100mph in 5.7sec, maybe even less, against a Lamborghini Aventador if there was a ...

BMW has always been underrating motors since the E60 M5 and E63 M6 came out, which actually made 550+ hp ...

I believe this can lap a 7:01 or even a 7-straight-minut e throughout the Ring.

I think the Club Sport and the Yellow Bird would both reach a 1:22 at the Top Gear test track, ...

I think the One:77 would complete a quarter-mile in 11 seconds flat and the F12 TDF will complete a quarter-mile ...

Sieg Heil, cosimo, lol

This is road legal?

It's only two seconds faster than an old Z06 with Z07 Package, so ...

Where does the 0-300 km/h time come from?

I think the Demon will beat the Ford GT by 1/10th of a second through a quarter-mile. :)

I think they will have the same 0-60mph time and top speed.

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added Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

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added RUF CTR, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R and data for Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R


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