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The slowest Enzo ran probably an 11.8-11.9 1/4-mile time (in the dried rain, if you count the 3.9sec 0-100kph and ...

I could understand the Z06, especially the C7 Z06, being a 10-second car with an automatic transmission. Somewhere as quick ...

I have a feeling that this will actually reach the 200km/h (124.274mph) mark in a tick under 7 seconds and ...

It's still slower than the Cadillac CTS-V and the Dodge Charger Hellcat. Acceleration times don't matter before 100 mph. It ...

Is this supposed to be an evolution of the 930/964 Yellowbird? Lol

It could be 8.9sec though.

Maybe the 30.4 0-300 time was a typo and AutoBild meant 40.3? I mean, 30.4 is beyond Ferrari 458 territory ...

Wait, "average" times aren't a thing anymore?

0-1000m: 23.0sec @ 253kph Source: Le Moniteur Automobile (July 20, 2016)

Read the Swedish AMS numbers below (please)

I think the new Ford GT might do: *0-30 mph->1.3sec *0-60 mph->2.6sec *0-100mph->5. 3sec *0-150mph->12 .1sec *1/4-mile: 10.3sec @ 139mph The performance ...

...Wait, what?! ????

What the heck?! It's just as fast as a Lamborghini Gallardo/Murcié lago from the early 2000s. But the Cadillac ATS-V with ...

I don't think even the Dodge Viper is street legal in Northern Europe during the winter.

There is no 3-speed Cobra 427.

For instance, the Tesla Model S P90D has a 0-60 claim of 2.8 sec and a 0-62 claim of 3.0 ...

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