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1 week ago 

still no added laptime...hello, everyone has seen this beating out everything on TGTT

NEW LAPTIME: 7:09 around the ring: https://www.yout 8S229NjIgQI

Of course Porsche has been lucky, in 2016 they nearly lost, in 2017 the Toyotas were on-par when it came ...

Can anybody add 0:59 around the top gear test track for the Renault R24? I've already added the R24 ...

@fastestlaps Toyota literally has the record for the most second place finishes without winning, it's on Wikipedia

Kamui Kobayashi set an all new record around the Circuit de la Sarthe of 3:14.791, beating the old record by ...

here are some videos that highlight the aerodynamic issue of no strakes and diffusers close to the wheels: https://www.yout hgXni_LUgwc /CKerNGiERTs?t=2 87 ...

Change power to 840hp

Doesn't seem to be as functional as the Valkyrie

918 vs 919 (mk2) btw, why is 100-200kph the only staright line data that shows up?

488 vs the enitire Mclaren line-up

laptimes from qualifyings are in! toyota: 1:38,21 (kazuki nakajima) toyota: 1:38,444 (kamui kobayashi) porsche: 1:40,5 (earl bamber) porsche 1:41,201 (andre ...

6 months ago 

added Porsche 919 Hybrid

6 months ago 

added Toyota TS050

7 months ago 

added Renault R24

7 months ago 

fastestlaps, can you change the article so that all of the quotation from top gear is in quotation? I just ...

i think the design is too messy, the F12 had a better flow in the design, but we're gonna have ...

@saxy your forgetting a lamborghini model, the Centenario

"Anyway even if fastest laps has historic tracks,it doesn't change the fact that Lieven introduced Sebring Short only to avoid ...

we should have a list of fastest 0-300kph too

@sroser right now

@fastestlaps please don't make FL srosers soap box

@sroser not really, consistent drivers like chris harris or users on Fchat prove that the trofeo R is usually 1,5-2 ...

renault is not pleased

Saxy The reason the laptimes are dissapointing is because the vulcan doesn't seem to be fitted with LC which means ...

Fastestlaps 2016 Toyota TS050 1:48,8 (timed with stopwatch on phone) https://www.yout EFFh_fgwTdI

2016 Toyota TS050 laptime: 1:48,8 (timed with stopwatch on phone) https://www.yout EFFh_fgwTdI

BR2 i did try the X2010 on the nurburgring when they gave it away after vettel won the gran prix, ...

translated CMRDNOOBs comment in google translate(exclud ing APU) Do not run back to do your way to kill (directly translated) ...

wheelbase: 2750mm lenght: 4584mm width: 1997mm height: 1198 curb weight 1850kg acceleration: 0-100: 2.6 seconds 0-200: 6.2 seconds 0-300: 14.2 ...

11 months ago 

added Rimac Concept One

11 months ago 

meanwhile Nio EP9 has been setting records at nürburgring and paul ricard, major competition for Rimac Concept One https://www.yout SRY4OUF-AvA https://www.yout P5CgJ10aul4 ...

i wonder what time the 918 would set on trofeo Rs?

the grand tour laptimes are in porsche won

now THIS is a comparison i'd love to see

can confirm through GCF (article got copied onto P1 GTR thread) now the obvious question, can the caparo T1 beat ...

I still think the rb 001 and R50 will stomp everything

Pagani huayra is the best japanese supercar ever built :p

new numbers from autocar: http://www.germa reads/autocar-ro ad-test-honda-ns x.56237/

the Rimac Concept One should be added to the side, also missing from the site is the W motors Fenyr ...

lightning lap 2016 leaked /DllqemK

GT8 vs GT12, which would you have?

1 year ago 

added data for Aston Martin Vantage GT8 and Aston Martin Vantage GT8


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FastestLaps 11m 

added data for Ferrari 488 GTB, laptime for KTM RC16, laptime for KTM RC16, laptime for Aprilia RS-GP, laptime for Aprilia RS-GP and more

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