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Read it again.

I hope it handles very well. We know it will be very fast in a straight line.

This looks better and is cheaper than the Z28 but I doubt it's as serious of a track car as ...

I saw a new Z06 customer car getting spanked over and over by a 2014 SRT Viper TA on YouTube. ...

Jeremy Clarkson said the 599 GTO is too hard to drive fast. But hey maybe she can handle it. Her ...

I find this conversation funny.

This will be exciting.

I hope this TA gets optional semi-slick tires like the Z06 has.

That was for Piorun BTW. And I also disagree with the C6 Z06 not being a driver's car. Like wth? ...

Though I would expect corsa mode to dial out the untersteer.

But of course if you want to play online then GT6 is a must since GT5 no longer supports online ...

I expected this to be lighter.

Where is it? What happened to this car? Did it die before even being born?

I wonder which one is selling more in USA?

I will choose AMG GT Black Series. Oh yes i did!

Now i want all three manufacturers to make more hardcore track focused versions of all three cars. I still like ...

Why do people like you even exist? Smh

The one:1s got massive downforce and a set if pilot sport cup 2 tires along with the improved faster gearbox. ...

F-type R might be a great car but im sure its not a great drivers car. Its probably too tail ...

You mean you'll make your tears Vanquish.

I'm desperately waiting to hear news about the 991 911 GT2 RS. This car makes me giggle.

The result of that race is very surprising.

If best motoring was still alive and kicking i'm sure we'd see a track battle featuring these two cars. I ...

Interesting comparison. The light and nimble McLaren has every advantage here except down force. I hope the next generation GTR ...

Actually I love the LFA Nurburgring edition.

Needs wider grippier tires and no under steer. Its plenty fast in a straight line. Maybe they could have put ...

No 458 Speciale and 911 GT3?! In a best drivers car competition?! Whaaa

Is that the new S65 amg

I always wished Chrysler turned into a high end premium manufacturer like how Cadillac has become now because I wanted ...

For all its efforts the Z28's mass still let's it down. Otherwise it handled great. Similar setup on a corvette ...

I guess its the weight keeping it down.

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That's weird.