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On the other side adds the roll cage about 30 to 50 kg and a passenger seat weights about 25 ...

I mean a simple paragraph would have sufficed ... lol. maybe even that would have been one too much. ...

what's marinello ? we know this version of the f12 is aimed towards fat americans with man boobs and 2cm ...

[url]https://www uo1zactr9jbro4/2 017-02-07 (1).png?dl=0[/ur l] this link gives a 404 error, which is exactly what you return whenever one asks about any evidence ...

Overheating? Battery capacity should be fine for Laguna Seca lap. batteries can overheat both during fast charge and fast discharge. ...

i hope they have some $$$ left for Formula 1 this year .... lol

"won" oh yeah! just like ferrari, sometimes they say the car looks nice, it tingles your senses, there is an ...

Salomondrin started well with its first test, providing the logs. That confirmed that laf has been vastly shortshifted (800-1000rpm), p1 ...

A LaF from rest would take a minimum of 11s, on the flat, with a perfect launch and out in ...


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