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I know this thread is dead, and I literally haven't been here for two years, but if you actually did ...

VPN +BR2+ just search vpn on your app store or google play.

Might be reliable stats, might not... Nice colour while i'm at it. https://www.inst V1ihunO/

A bit ugly with the camo, but not too bad-looking at all otherwise. Looks pretty planted in terms of stance. ...

Hell yeah!

Saw one of these today. Love the sound of the NA NA NA engine/exhaust combo (MCR, anyone?)

Yeah, about the 912, there is a 912. And I would love to see a Chevy Borat.

@FL why does your steam account have no achievements on AC?

Yeah, I wonder, it's so weird, especially with the fact that Tsukuba is in Japan, and that the NSX Type ...

I watched this, and i just thought: isn't R&T meant to be the porsche lovers? PS here is the actual ...

Except Rainbow Six Siege. You can avoid them most of the time, like on 24-hour Twitch-streamed gameplay of 20 people ...

top speed stated by December 2015 TG magazine as 191 mph.

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added data for Zagato Zele (2000) and Zagato Zele

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