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Sadly, BMW customers have changed and BMW is more concerned with making them happy. The "Ultimate Driving Machine" has become ...

And if we allowed such BS to stand as evidence as a precedent, then it wouldn't be long before increasingly ...

@ vader87 The roll cage and seat belts aren't the problem for the Civic or other cars that have them. ...

@ BR2+ I agree. I wouldn't separate the times but SOME people go berserk if one rumble strip is changed ...

The car had plates so I would guess road version.

This time is for the longer configuration. The other cars listed here ran the shorter configuration.

GT9 VMAX had it before.... http://fastestla f-gt9-vmax

@ Speed_Demon The N-Attack parts were optional in Japan. All you had to do was check the right boxes at ...

Since they were at PBIR, why not do a couple of laps on the road's right next to the ...

This is bull crap the nissan gtr does 0-100km/h in 2.7 sec and do 1/4 mile in 9.8 sec get ...

The R1's ugliness demands that it stay in front. Seeing that ugly face in the rear-view mirror would cause other ...

This time needs to be removed again. ....because the car was not in production spec and didn't have production tires. ...

I'd swap 3rd for 1st and 1st for 3rd. 4th and 5th would be a tie. Their 9th would be ...

@RP007 The Radical had enough for it to be road legal. It had street legal tires, not slicks. It even ...

Revolucion tires are - front 255/645/R19; rear 335/705/R20 slicks. No, it isn't street legal.

" it has to be said that on racetrack Jorge Lorenzo did nothing wrong and rode like a champion throughout ...

2.6 second time is better than the 2.8 seconds currently listed.

1 year ago 

added data for Tesla Model S P90D

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1 year ago 

No need for "guestimates", there is an actual test (Motor Trend) 0-60 MPH = 2.6 seconds. QUARTER MILE 10.9 seconds ...

Watch the video. Marc leaned into Rossi. Marc's helmet hits Rossi's knee slider BEFORE Rossi's leg came off of the ...

@ James The article is "off" because the article is 3 years old....written BEFORE the 270mph one-way run. As for ...

@ John It isn't here because it wasn't legit. (see my posts from months ago) HONDA doesn't accept the time ...

@ CoolShirtGuy According to Scott Evans, they didn't test the red one at the track "Because the red Z06 didn't ...

Engine type should be I4 not L4.

@ 2Fast The N-Attack parts were optional in Japan. In fact, the parts have found their way out of Japan... ...

@ uptownfunker Neither SUV will hit 200mph. The Charger Hellcat can break 200mph but it has much better aerodynamics than ...

@ uptownfunker The Venom GT IS a tuned Lotus. It is a heavily modified car but legally, it is a ...

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added data for McLaren P1 and data for Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C7)

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added laptime for Bentley Continental GT-3 R (Mk II)


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added data for Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG S (W205), laptime for Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG S (W205), data for Alfa Romeo Giulia QV, laptime for Alfa Romeo Giulia QV, data for Aston Martin Vanquish S and more

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