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This lap time kinda came out of nowhere

The only thing it has over the db11 is the NA engine sound.

More than 2.5s slower than the M2. That's crazy

Lol and what would be left of your 5 year warranty mate?

So your avg dad-mobile can stop just as well as a state of the art sports sedan/crossover

Nearly as fast as the Camaro z28 while having 4 doors, big boot and a good ride. The competition pack ...

Discontinue the car? Why would it matter if they are selling the car or not. It's not like you will ...

Ah right... this car is so much civilized for the road. Right...

Because everything we see on the internet must be true... The car could be tuned, the track timer could be ...

They so should have let the car finish the lap. It could have easily come back the other way from ...

well... saving up money isn't neccesarily a bad thing in this market. I still prefer stocks and properties over art/cars/etc. ...

I think it's too heavy and not aero efficient to compare with the F12. A better comparison would be the ...

There's certainly something wrong in the GTS and GT3 RS test. No way are they going to be 20-25kph slower ...

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In a straight line, there's always a ton of speed limits, so drag racing doesn't really happen much in real ...

Fact is the grand sport has a better sorted chassis too, and is it lighter? That's what turns me off ...

Firstly. your images aren't appearing. Secondly, the P1 lost. And only an idiot could still go on and on, not ...

True but people who buy 2-3 million dollar cars don't normally JUST have 2-3 million dollars. I think they said ...

yeah clearly you don't know how poor a Mclaren's reliability is. You don't own one and you don't know anyone ...

Wow the GT3 RS must be amazing then... faster than the P1, and so is the 918.

The right hand drive mustang has a detuned engine.

let me summarize. It was merely only ONE scenario that the P1 lost, so it's not definitive. So he feels ...

I dont think anyone cares about some non-stock car with unknown amounts of modification compared to the stock car. Oh ...

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