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That is the curb weight of the car with all fluids in it.

Caranddriver tests the Jaguar F Type SVR Convertible http://www.caran ddriver.com/revi ews/2017-jaguar- f-type-svr-conve rtible-test-revi ew

I just added the information from that test.

I wonder if they are going to actually let people performance test this car.

Why so

This version is tuned. Very fast lap time though.

I would like to see this car in the hands of Carandriver and Motortrend to see what numbers. They produce ...

Damn Marquez has literally set every fast lap for this motorcycle. Guess that happens when you are the best in ...

This car is porky at 3918 lb.


They will add the electric motor soon.

Some reason on the timed lap the Giulia lost loads of time in the 4th sector of the lap. I ...

I would love to see a comparison between this and the ZR1.

Talk about a unfair comparison lol.

Adding a whole collection of laptimes for this track.

Shouldn't the 570s track pack be it's own car on here.

There are fools on Youtube that think the ZL1 1LE was going to be faster than the Z06.

I hope they do to.

Please change cc to 3,596

http://www.mulsa nnescorner.com/b entleylmgtp.htm

http://www.mulsa nnescorner.com/a udir8-01.html Please change torque to 556 lb-ft

Atleast Peugeot has won 3 times.

Obviously the Grandsport is the faster track car.

Absolute and utter ass whooping.

http://www.motor trend.com/cars/p orsche/918/2015/ 2015-mclaren-p1- vs-2015-porsche- 918-spyder/ Mclaren p1 curb weight 1547 kg

Also around track the Corvette C7 is a much faster car. But the DB11 is a 2 ton GT car ...

Bit of a unfair comparison.

Can't wait to see how this comparison turns out when the 720s is run at more tracks.

A run away for the C7 Grandsport.

https://www.yout ube.com/watch?v= wrVXGHi8Nhk Porsche 991 GT3 facelift sets a laptime at the ring of 7:12.7. This is over 12 seconds faster than ...

Curb weight 4480 lbs

Verstappen, Riccardo and Massa flew to Russia and shared a apartment together.

http://www.motor trend.com/cars/l exus/lc/2018/201 8-lexus-lc500-lc 500h-first-test- review/

Carandriver first drive review of the Ford GT http://www.caran ddriver.com/revi ews/2017-ford-gt -supercar-first- ride-review

Are these lap times suppose to be for the short circuit http://fastestla ps.com/tracks/ci rcuit-de-nevers- magny-cours-club