Image of BMW X3 xDrive 35i

BMW X3 xDrive 35i specs

Car type SUV/truck
Curb weight 1805 kg (3979 lbs)
Power / weight 169 ps (167 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 222 Nm (163 lb-ft) / t
Introduced 2010
Origin country Germany
Views 24.5k
Submitted by gt


Top speed 245 kph (152 mph)
0 - 100 kph 5.7 s
0 - 200 kph 24.0 s
0 - 60 mph 5.5 s
0 - 100 mph 13.9 s
Est. 1/8 mile 9.1 s @ 81.4 mph
1/4 mile 14.1 s @ 98.8 mph
Est. 1/2 mile 22.2 s @ 119.9 mph
Est. 100 - 200 kph 18.3 s

More acceleration times

BMW X3 xDrive 35i acceleration graph


Engine type Twin turbocharged Inline-6
Displacement 3.0 l (183 ci)
Power 306 ps (302 bhp / 225 kw) @ 5800 rpm
Torque 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) @ 1200 rpm
Power / liter 102 ps (101 hp)
Transmission 8 speed Automatic
Layout front engine, all wheel drive

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DeDe  6y ago

Even in Edmunds's test, they implied the X3 reached only 95.3 mph at 14.1 seconds mark. I think either Autozeitung got a "press car" or they overstated their test result.

From the latest issue of AutoBild Allrad: 0-160 kph in 14,2 s, so 13,9 s is possible.

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Tjioe  7y ago

Even in Edmunds\'s test, they implied the X3 reached only 95.3 mph at 14.1 seconds mark. I think either Autozeitung got a \"press car\" or they overstated their test result.

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DeDe  7y ago

From AutoZeitung:
0-200 km/h in 24,0 s


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Tjioe  7y ago

On Car and Driver, the 0-100 mph time is 15.2 seconds, but on Autozeitung, the 0-100 mph time is 13.9 seconds. Why such big discrepancy exists?

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FastestLaps  7y ago

Anon, if you want a specific performance figure to be updated, please click on \"Add performance figure\" and submit it.

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Anon1  7y ago

In Edmunds testing, the X3 xDrive35i hustles to 60 mph from a standstill in just 5.6 seconds, breezing through the quarter-mile in 14.1 seconds at 95.3 mph.

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09c6vrgg  7y ago
This is the first test drive I have found so far.

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09c6vrgg  7y ago

35i. My mistake. and it has a 3.0 inline*

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09c6vrgg  7y ago

I just ordered my 2011 X3 3.5i. I will have it in mid January. I can\'t wait to see the real numbers that the car magazines get. I have the LS3 Corvette for the summer and spring. Now I will have this for the Fall and Winter. Thank you BMW for putting a 3.5 inline 6 in this car!

On a side note, can someone fix the year since the 2011 X3\'s come with the 3.5 and not 2010.

Photo of BMW X3 xDrive 35i


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