Image of Brabus ML 63 Biturbo

Brabus ML 63 Biturbo

Car type SUV/truck
Introduced 2009
Origin country Germany
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Submitted by phavyarden


Top speed 310 kph (193 mph)
0 - 100 kph 4.2 s

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slavacroatiac63  7 years ago  

how the ml 63 amg ist fester than brabus

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LJUTICA  8 years ago  

Why is it so hard to believe that there is upper limit of torque a transmission a can handle. 850 Nm is 35 percent more than 630 Nm and that is a big number. There is a good reason why AMG tends to use old 5-speed gearbox for its 65 models that develop 1000Nm and not 7G tronic.
But still,I agree that transmissions are often much stronger and thats proven in real world tuning.-DA Motorsport 1000HP BMW E36 M3.
Go to ZF or Getrag sites and you'll see that every transmission has max. torque capacity number,you can put additional load,and it might stand it,but durability and therefore reliability comes into question. For instance there is no way Porsche 997 turbo and HGP R32 will retain the same level of durability of most components and not just tranmission.
At the end i'd like to say that I strongly believe that this MODDED transmission that Brabus is using is very well built and strong,Brabus has proven numerous times that their cars are sometimes even tougher and more durable than MB itself.Its truly one of the worlds very best tuners,out of the question.

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A156  8 years ago  

I think this car is only for showing of. I mean that it’s stupid to tune an SUV; This has no off road abilities anymore and compared to a same technology tuned road car, is much slower.

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Georg  8 years ago  

@Ljutica why the hell should a tranny conected standart to a 630Nm engine not be able to handel 850Nm, Brabus clearly claims that they use a modified SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC on their homepage!
Thats typical internet BS claims, like saying the 6speed DSG from VW can´t handle much torque... HGP offers simple clutch kits that allows 650Nm on a normal VW 6speed DSG and their high end clutch kits allows 740Nm and more on the VW 6speed DSG with the changed gearing this kit allows the HGP tuned VW R32 biturbo DSG with 620hp and 740Nm to reach officle tested and confirmed 327.6km/h at the Nardo test track..

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LJUTICA  8 years ago  

Hmm,i'd like to know if they are still using 7G-tronic on this model,although i doubt it.And if they do then it's gotta be heavily modified.There's no way original 7G-tronic can handle 850 Nm of permanent torque load,not even 750 i'd say.

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someone  8 years ago

This should be the fastest of them all

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Anonymous  8 years ago  

Fastest Tuned SUV, No, the Gemballa Tornado 700 is much faster, but this is still pretty nice looking.

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audi r8  8 years ago  

Fastest SUV ??


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