Image of Ferrari Superamerica 45

Ferrari Superamerica 45 specs

Car type Convertible
Introduced 2011
Origin country Italy
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Submitted by Georg
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uptownfunker  1y  

Delete! Only one built, never put into production, and basically the same 599 GTO with different styling

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The hot shot  3y  

Rather a Porsche 911 RS America any day. (Except Sunday)

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w0o0dy  6y  

It is for Peter Kalikow and has a 575 americana roof in carbon with changed aerodynamics especially at the back. He also had a 612 scaglietti that was heavily customized (by Ferrari i believe)

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w0o0dy  6y  

the new owner had it built to order because of owning a ferrari for 45 years. Its a mix of 599 gto and Aptera with ome unique details.

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Luque  6y  

Hi Georg,
Not much more than I have red from newspaper.
It's a special order done for a famous Ferrari collector. Mechanic and engine from 599 GTO. Design from Ferrari(Pininfarina not involved). Electrochromic glass panel roof an system rotation derive from that one of 575 superamerica

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Georg  6y  


have you more information?
It is a one off and the engine is rumored to be the one from the 599 GTO...

Photo of Ferrari Superamerica 45

Photo of Ferrari Superamerica 45


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fakekillerfour 9h 

added data for Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R

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tyler 9h 

liked saxy post

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