Image of Ford Fiesta ST

Ford Fiesta ST (Mk VII) specs

Car type Compact
Curb weight 1187 kg (2617 lbs)
Power / weight 168 ps (166 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 244 Nm (180 lb-ft) / t
Introduced 2018
Origin country Germany
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Submitted by Inline 6 rules


Engine type Inline 3, turbo, DI, 12 valves, DOHC, DVVT
Displacement 1.5 l (91 ci / 1496 cc)
Power 200 ps (197 bhp / 147 kw) @ 6000 rpm
Torque 290 Nm (214 lb-ft) @ 1600 rpm
Power / liter 134 ps (132 hp)
Transmission 6 speed manual
Layout front engine, front wheel drive

Fiesta ST rivals

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rhs1992  2m ago

test on Auto Zeitung for Fiesta ST
0-100 in 6.8s
0-200 in 25.6s
1203kg weight

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Monolith29  3m ago

ford never once considered anything other than a 6 cylinder for the ford gt mk 2. however, the new mustang gt is a beast thats underrated also the new gt500 will be a crazy v8

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BR2+  4m ago

Ford is being pussified now, Even the Mustang, And that was there 'Manliest' car, Hell a SVT Raptor has a V6! Im not even gonna mention there 450k car, And all for emmissions? Its getting rediculous, Humans man, i swear.


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TheMeenoBuffalo  3m ago

Bro they didn’t use a v6 for the gt because of emissions. In fact, the mpg is about as bad as an aventador and it is worse than the mpg of the old gt. It is because it’s lighter

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moegigo  4m ago

100kg heavier than the old one. Not 1f*** Hp more than the ST 200. 3cylinder with fake noise through the speakers. The rear looks like a Mini Van. They did everything to F**** it up !?

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Inline 6 rules  4m ago

The new Fiesta ST. Now (sadly) with a 3 cylinder engine. Power and torque are the same as in the previous generation ST200, while fuel consumption and emissions are better. It has cylinder deactivation so it can work as a two cylinder engine.
Currently only manual version available.
0-100: 6.5 s
Top speed: 232 km/h.


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FastestLaps  4m ago

At least it sounds like a Inline 6 (almost) lol

But, really, its a bit embarrassing not to even have the basic 4 cylinders.

I know, efficiency is cool nowadays, but I am not sure if tiny engine is the right kind of cool efficiency - I think electric performance car is much cooler than performance car with a tiny combustion engine that doesn't even have 4 cylinders.

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xxSoulRaipahxx  4m ago @FastestLaps

It was tested by Road and Track and they said that the Inline 3's purpose is not for efficiency, but for coolness.


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