Image of Ginetta F400

Ginetta F400

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1036 kg (2284 lbs)
Dimensions 4.21 m (166 in) long, 2.13 m (84 in) wide, 1.17 m (46 in) high
Wheelbase 2.68 m (105 in)
Power / weight 401 ps (396 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 442 Nm (326 lb-ft) / t
Origin country United Kingdom
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Top speed 298 kph (185 mph)
0 - 60 mph 3.7 s

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Shaggy  3 years ago  

It kind of reminds me of a Joss.

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Fangio Man  3 years ago  

Year of introduction: 2010

Very cool car!

With a BIT fantasy it almost looks like a McLaren MP4 12C...

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Shaggy  4 years ago  

Beautiful car, I think a Lotus Exige will take it through the corners, though.

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gallardo man  5 years ago  

this car is amazing. ive seen one next to a gallardo in a car show. its like perfect match.

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Jeff B  5 years ago  

This will blitz an exige I bet.

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phavyarden  5 years ago  

I didin't expect that i would be that fast, hope that the new exige can chase it at the straight line, because i'm sure it would do it at the track as we used

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Jeff B  5 years ago  

I want this car, crazy fast and beautiful!
WTF is a Ginetta though? Lol jk

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