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McLaren 600LT specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1356 kg (2989 lbs)
Power / weight 442 ps (436 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 457 Nm (337 lb-ft) / t
Introduced 2018
Origin country United Kingdom
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Submitted by fakekillerfour


Top speed 328 kph (204 mph)
0 - 100 kph 2.9 s
0 - 200 kph 8.2 s
0 - 60 mph 2.8 s
1/4 mile 10.4 s
100 kph - 0 31 m (102 ft)
200 kph - 0 117 m (384 ft)
McLaren 600LT acceleration graph


Engine type twin-turbocharged V8
Displacement 3.8 l (232 ci)
Power 600 ps (592 bhp / 441 kw)
Torque 620 Nm (457 lb-ft)
Power / liter 158 ps (156 hp)
Transmission 7 speed dual clutch automatic
Layout middle engine, rear wheel drive

600LT rivals

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fakekillerfour  1m ago

this car will be faster than 488GTB, Huracán LP610-4 and 650S on acceleration and tracks

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GordonBarnard  2m ago

0-150 seems a bit too slow at 15.9 whilst 0-100 is same as 720s.

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rhs1992  3m ago

Again hostboy with bullshit

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hostboy  3m ago

MCLAREN 600LT (in article "Brutal Track Stars!") Road & Track 8/2018 issue acceleration test results: (1/4-mile: 10.0 s / 129.7 mph)
0-30 mph = 1.2 s
0-40 mph = 1.6 s
0-50 mph = 2.2 s
0-60 mph = 2.7 s
0-70 mph = 3.3 s
0-80 mph = 3.8 s
0-90 mph = 4.3 s
0-100 mph = 5.0 s
0-110 mph = 6.7 s
0-120 mph = 8.2 s
0-130 mph = 10.0 s
0-140 mph = 12.8 s
0-150 mph = 15.9 s
0-160 mph = 20.1 s

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hostboy  3m ago

Slower than ZL1 1LE, Hellcat Widebody, and GT350R on tracks


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moegigo  3m ago

I dont think so, we will see

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AstonSenna  3m ago

Are you actually high?

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General Castilla  3m ago @AstonSenna

this site has been accepting fake lap times from every vw car tested, so what seems to be the problem if a couple more fake lap times were added ?

all the na_zi fans here don't and never will bother to do a quick research and find out the truth about 9-11 bs times with "not your typical ride/tire" tested when going for time attack with their own test driver with the whole crew cheering right in front of the checkered flag.

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hostboy  3m ago @General Castilla

Guess what dude you are right the ZR1 Corvette just did 6:45 at the Nurburgring

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Richard C  2m ago @General Castilla

The GT2 RS used stock tires so wtf are you even on about? It had an instrament cluster delete which is a factory option. The Aventador SVJ had a roll cage installed.

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General Castilla  2m ago @Richard C

you must be new here ? well hello and welcome and enjoy sucking on this

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hostboy  2m ago @General Castilla

VW is very schizophrenic. Whenever they read my joking little comments about Corvettes and Camaros, they regard and do better with faster versions. I lied about 6:45 as a ZR1 time, but SVJ did 0.03 better

Photo of McLaren 600LT

Photo of McLaren 600LT

Photo of McLaren 600LT


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fakekillerfour 3h 

added data for Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C Edition 50 and laptime for Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C Edition 50

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