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A.Z  4 years ago  

an other one
waste of power
911 carrera s is better

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Mike B  5 years ago  

Here you can read on Motortrend's testing method:

And I was talking about the normal C63 AMG, I'm confident the black series is faster than 4.0s to 100km/h.

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Hamcee  5 years ago  

i dont even get how can u claim that 4,1-4,2 is the fastest the car can go? the normal c63 amg coupe pp hit 0-100 in 4,2 secs in several tests. its heavier and has less hp and torque.

sorry that just seems pretty unrealistic

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Hamcee  5 years ago  

where do u get the 1 ft. rollout?
it just says 0-60mph in 3,7 seconds.
also mercedes claimed 0-100 in 4,2 sec. and they are very generous with their times.

the black series will easily hit 0-100 in 4.0 or below.

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Mike B  5 years ago  

3.7 0-60 with 1 ft rollout = 4.0 real 0-60mph (which would mean a 4.2-4-3 0-100km/h)

3.9 0-60 with 1 ft rollout = 4.2 real 0-60mph so a 0-100km/ oh 4.4-4.5.

So, nope, 0-100km/h in 4.2 is as fast as the car can go, well, maybe 4.1.

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didyouseethat  5 years ago  

It has to be faster than 4.2, Motor Trend hit 3.7 in the "regular" AMG C63 coupe. This article has it and in another article they got consistent 3.9 0-60 with launch control.

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tuta_bugarin  5 years ago  

Correct 0-100km/h! It's 4.2 seconds!

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Jeff B  5 years ago  

Wow they look identical...
That's only bad for Mercedes-Benz lol.

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Apathy  5 years ago  

I saw one of these on the road yesterday.

No wait, it was an Accord coupe...


LOL. Just Kidding.

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2fast4m3  5 years ago  

It actually officially at least stated by AMG that it hits 4.2s without track pack, and with dunlop tired (track pack) it hits 100km/h in at least 3.9s

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phavyarden  5 years ago  

i heard it would hit 100km/h in 4.2, but it doesn't matter, cause i'm sure it would be around 3.7 or 3.8


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