Image of Renault Megane RS Clubsport

Renault Megane RS Clubsport specs

Car type Compact
Curb weight 1387 kg (3058 lbs)
Power / weight 191 ps (189 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 288 Nm (213 lb-ft) / t
Introduced 2010
Origin country France
Views 26.1k
Submitted by Georg


Top speed 252 kph (157 mph)
0 - 100 kph 5.9 s
0 - 180 kph 16.4 s
0 - 200 kph 21.1 s
Est. 1/8 mile 9.5 s @ 83.9 mph
Est. 1/4 mile 14.3 s @ 101.9 mph
Est. 100 - 200 kph 15.2 s

More acceleration times

Renault Megane RS Clubsport acceleration graph


Engine type inline4 16V Turbo DOHC
Displacement 2.0 l (122 ci)
Power 265 ps (261 bhp / 195 kw) @ 5800 rpm
Torque 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) @ 3400 rpm
Power / liter 133 ps (131 hp)
Transmission 6 speed manual, dif lock
Layout front engine, front wheel drive

Laptimes 1

Track Time
Hockenheim Short 1:13.50

Megane RS Clubsport rivals

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Shaggy  6y ago

It is a cool looking hot hatchback. Too bad it isn't sold in America.

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Bezza  6y ago

I so love the look of this car, superb!

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Megan  7y ago

Georg, you are a complete legend... Thanks for adding this.
Just looking at it makes me feel so happy. Absolutely stunning car.

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Gigi @bruno  7y ago

then you're either blind, or a total moron. or both.

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DeDe  8y ago

0-200 km/h in 21,1 s. According to Sport Auto 02/2011.

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Greasemonk  8y ago

Is it a production car? Sound like a test car of the renault company.

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Abzug86  8y ago

And an increased torque to 400 Nm/Power to 265 hp.

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Georg  8y ago

The Clubsport looks from the outside like the normal Megane RS all changes are done inside!
The Clubsort sit on the same wheels like the RS but with semi slicks, it has no rear seats but a roll cage like the one in the old Megane R26.R, Recaro seats at the front, it has the Megane RS Cup pack with differential lock, little bit more power thanks to changed motor managment and exhust and new suspension from KW with changed race like mountings (uniball connections) and a changed negative camber (normal Megane RS Cup -0.5°, the Clubsport has -3.0° negative camber at the front axle), the rear axle is untouched. The brake is untouched only fitted with different brake pads (Endless).

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Hachi Roku  8y ago

This Clubsport could be the best FWD car ever!!! And change the pic,its the normal Meg rs in there.

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Georg  8y ago

the laptime was tested by sportauto... they did the supertest with the normal Megane RS Mk III and after that the Hockenheim test with the Megane RS Clubsport...

the article is not online so far because the print version of the magazine is out since friday..

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Hachi Roku  8y ago

Holy Molly! 1.13:50 on Hockenheim? !!! its only a 261 HP FWD car!
What time could do this at Nordchleife?

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enzostradale  8y ago

The Hockenheim Short time is real or fake?
Where is the test?

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phavyarden  8y ago

i\'m agree

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bruno  8y ago

This Megane looks like a pice of shit.

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Georg  8y ago

The Megane RS Clubsport is a idea of Renault Motorsportcoordinator Huetter from 2010. The cars are build in Germany by a Renault shop near the northloop all based on the Megane RS Cup. The cars are build up under VLN northloop race class V2T for 2011, the cars are completely street legal and run on street legal semi slicks... more amazingly is the price... 35,000Euro(incl tax) for a street legal ready to race car.

Photo of Renault Megane RS Clubsport


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fakekillerfour 20h 

added data for Ferrari 812 Superfast

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