Image of Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown specs

Car type 4-door saloon
Curb weight 1650 kg (3638 lbs)
Power / weight 194 ps (191 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 228 Nm (169 lb-ft) / t
Introduced 2008
Origin country Japan
Views 9.4k
Submitted by Heyhuub


Engine type V6, 24v
Displacement 3.5 l (214 ci)
Power 320 ps (315 bhp / 235 kw)
Torque 377 Nm (278 lb-ft)
Power / liter 91 ps (90 hp)
Transmission 6
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive

Laptimes 1

Track Time
Tsukuba 1:10.22

Crown rivals

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Anonymous  9y ago

How the hell does this thing managed to get a better lap time than the Skyline R34, albeit the non GT-R version, the Merc E500, and the 300ZX Turbo at Tsukuba? Amazing!

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Anonymous  10y ago

Toyota Crown is JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) car. It isn't available in Europe and in the USA.

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Anonymous  10y ago

Besides the FJ Cruiser, it seems to be the only decent Toyota on the market today.

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Anonymous  10y ago

that doesn't mean they are boring it means they are more boring than other euroboxes. whereas in america it means thy are less boring in comparison to other us cars

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Georg  10y ago

Toyotas europen model lineup is so boring that they recived a giant care sales minus of over -24%for Toyota and over 28% for their Lexus brand..

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danielk  10y ago

Well, if you ask me this car is more interesting than entire Toyota's lineup for Europe.

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FastestLaps  10y ago

Most American mainstream cars of today are not esthetically pleasing. They are big, tasteless, dull sometimes just plain ugly. However, there are plenty of modern American cars that are iconic and excellent in terms of visual appeal (mostly, but not always, the expensive ones) - Corvette, Chrysler 300C, Hummer, Viper, Ford GT and others.

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Anonymous  10y ago

I hate cars like this for the American market they are so boring and dull. Things like the ford Taurus are vile compared with some of the things they make in Europe like the focus ( can't wait for the new rs) btw I'm not a focus rs freak or American hater but I don't like American mainstream car design like obviously a mustang looks awesome just like a lambo does but in terms of normal everyday cars I think this is shite. What does every1 else think about euro vs USA car design. ( yes I know this is a Japanese car)


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Progresso 2h 

your soup sucks

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