Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Z07 Package laptime at Folembray

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Z07 Package completed a lap of Folembray in 56.33 seconds.

Track Folembray
Type flying start
Vehicle Corvette Z06 Z07 Package
Power / weight 512 ps / 1436 kg
Driver Peter Kox
Time 0:56.330
Average speed 131 kph (81 mph)
Submitted 24.12.2011 by anonymous
Views 1.5k
Ferrari 458 Italia0:54.39
Corvette Z06 Z07 Pa..0:56.33
Nissan GT-R0:57.16
Artega GT0:59.61
Lotus Evora S0:59.91
Audi RS5 (8T3)1:00.13
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w0o0dy  6y ago

@E: i'm thinking he meant that to have a chance to score a laptime (or other performance test) simular to the lp570-4 or F458 you need more power. Both cars (zr1/Z06) eould probably get the label too soft from Peter Kox. Pretty lame they supply sofa's in sportscars...would be an easy fix.

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E  6y ago

This more in line with what I expected from Motor Trend's Laguna Seca test. Though I don't know if the ZR1 corners any harder than this Z06. Unless he just meant it was an issue of power? Doesn't sound that way though.

The Z06 has come a long way to be called the "best balanced" in a test like this.

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w0o0dy  6y ago

Comments from Peter Kox: "Not really a hardcore sportscar" "Seats are soft and big and don't hold you in place well" "Gearknob too close" "Engine is a brute and has lots of torque. This makes it punch out of corners better than the Nissan. It does spoil the experience a bit as you just push the throttle and the torque is always there" "The body/chassis are good despite the softsprings and dampers (magnetic ride). Because of that its responds a bit slow to steering input, but the handling is really very good. May have the best balance of all, little understeer despite that big v8 in the nose. The back comes round predictable and progressive. Lots of grip because of the semi-slicks and they also account for the very good braking" "Good car, well balanced but too soft for a sportscar. To have a chance against the Ferrari or the Lamborghini you need the ZR1"


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