Alfa Romeo Giulia QV laptime at Anglesey International GP

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV finished a flying lap of Anglesey International GP in 1 minute and 41.55 seconds.

Track Anglesey International GP
Type flying start
Vehicle Alfa Romeo Giulia QV
Power / weight 510 ps / 1703 kg
Time 1:41.550
Average speed 121 kph (75 mph)
Submitted 12.07.2017 by tyler
Reference Drivetribe Official - Alfa Romeo Giulia vs BMW M3 Comp Pack vs Merc-AMG C63 S: fast lap shootout
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Audi TT RS Coupe1:40.57
BMW M2 (F87)1:40.68
V12 Vantage S1:40.80
Jaguar F-Type SVR1:41.20
Alfa Romeo Giulia QV1:41.55
Honda NSX (Mk II)1:41.70
C 63 AMG S1:41.73
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Fastedee  6m ago

My mistake Autocar had the crap lap in the NSX.Bovington was quicker.

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Fastedee  7m ago

Giulia lap is a bit off but Jethro really had disdain for the NSX in his review. Worships the NSX R though. SVR mustn't be a favourite judging by its other laps.

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Fastedee  7m ago

Drivetribe for ya. Jethro is a pro I guess but at Most tracks..
I mean the NSX at Llandow and Virginia is in GT3 Nismo territory. No wonder ol Bovineton thought the old NSX R could lap as fast as these cars.

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BR2+  7m ago

Lost to an M3 by almost 2s.....I swear this cars laptimes are all over the place.


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tyler  7m ago

Some reason on the timed lap the Giulia lost loads of time in the 4th
sector of the lap. I wonder if the brakes started to give out at the end of the lap.

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saxy  7m ago

Slower than a M2~~~.


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Javimaki 17h 

added BMW 335i

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