Autopartner Test Route lap times

Rank Vehicle Driver Time
1. Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evo X unknown 1:10.18
2. Lexus IS F unknown 1:10.55
3. Nissan 350Z (313 PS) unknown 1:11.25
4. Audi S3 (8P) unknown 1:11.85
5. Megane Sport F1-Team R26 unknown 1:12.45
6. VW Passat R36 unknown 1:13.08
7. Mazda 3 MPS unknown 1:13.10
8. Seat Leon Cupra unknown 1:13.37
9. Renault Clio 197 unknown 1:13.50
10. VW Golf R32 (Mk V) unknown 1:13.56
11. Laguna Coupé V6 3.0 dci unknown 1:14.10
12. Opel Corsa OPC (D) unknown 1:14.38
13. Renault Twingo RS unknown 1:15.70
14. Laguna Grandtour GT 2.0 dCi unknown 1:16.10
15. Skoda Octavia RS TDI (1Z) unknown 1:17.20
16. Toyota Auris 2.2 D-cat unknown 1:17.34
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Autopartner Test Route

Autopartner Test Route is a racing venue in Croatia with 16 laptimes.This page represents the 3.0 kilometer (1.9 mile) configuration of this track.

Autopartner Test Route is a moderately fast track, with overall average speed of 147 kph (91 mph).

Country Croatia
Track length 3.00 km / 1.86 miles
Track record 1:10.2 (Lancer GSR Evo..)
Front-drive record 1:12.4 (Megane Sport F..)
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