Bahrain International Circuit lap times

Rank Vehicle Driver Time
1. Mercedes-Benz W08 Valtteri Bottas 1:28.77
2. Mercedes-Benz W08 Lewis Hamilton 1:28.79
3. Ferrari SF70-H Sebastian Vettel 1:29.25
4. Mercedes-Benz F1 W07 Hybrid Lewis Hamilton 1:29.49
5. Red Bull RB13 Daniel Ricciardo 1:29.54
6. Ferrari SF70-H Kimi Raikkonen 1:29.57
7. Mercedes-Benz F1 W07 Hybrid Nico Rosberg 1:29.57
8. Red Bull RB13 Max Verstappen 1:29.69
9. Renault RS17 Nico Hulkenberg 1:29.84
10. Ferrari SF16-H Sebastian Vettel 1:30.01
11. Williams FW40 Felipe Massa 1:30.07
12. Ferrari SF16-H Kimi Raikkonen 1:30.24
13. Haas VF-17 Romain Grosjean 1:30.76
14. Red Bull RB12 Daniel Ricciardo 1:30.85
15. Toro Rosso STR12 Daniil Kvyat 1:30.92
16. Renault RS17 Jolyon Palmer 1:31.07
17. Williams FW38 Valtteri Bottas 1:31.15
18. Williams FW38 Felipe Massa 1:31.15
19. Williams FW40 Lance Stroll 1:31.17
20. Sauber C36 Pascal Wehrlein 1:31.41
21. Force India VJM09 Nico Hulkenberg 1:31.62
22. Haas VF-16 Romain Grosjean 1:31.76
23. Toro Rosso STR11 Max Verstappen 1:31.77
24. Toro Rosso STR11 Carlos Sainz Jr 1:31.82
25. Force India VJM10 Esteban Ocon 1:31.87
26. McLaren MP4-31 Stoffel Vandoorne 1:31.93
27. Haas VF-16 Esteban Gutierrez 1:31.94
28. McLaren MP4-31 Jenson Button 1:32.00
29. Toro Rosso STR12 Carlos Sainz 1:32.12
30. Red Bull RB12 Daniil Kvyat 1:32.24
31. McLaren MCL32 Stoffel Vandoorne 1:32.31
32. Force India VJM10 Sergio Perez 1:32.32
33. Sauber C36 Marcus Ericsson 1:32.54
34. Manor MRT05 Pascal Wehrlein 1:32.81
35. Sauber C35 Marcus Ericsson 1:32.84
36. Haas VF-17 Kevin Magnussen 1:32.90
37. Force India VJM09 Sergio Perez 1:32.91
38. Renault RS16 Kevin Magnussen 1:33.18
39. Renault RS16 Jolyon Palmer 1:33.44
40. Manor MRT05 Rio Haryanto 1:34.19
41. Sauber C35 Felipe Nasr 1:34.39
42. McLaren 688HS unknown 2:12.10
43. Ferrari 488 GTB Sami Haidar 2:15.00
44. Porsche 911 GT3 (991) Jaber Al-Khalifa 2:19.00
Image of Bahrain International Circuit

Bahrain International Circuit

Bahrain International Circuit is a racing venue in Bahrain with 44 laptimes.This page represents the 5.4 kilometer (3.4 mile) configuration of this track.

Bahrain International Circuit is a very fast track, with overall average speed of 206 kph (128 mph).

Country Bahrain
Track length 5.41 km / 3.36 miles
Track record 1:28.8 (W08)
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Sami Haidar  3m ago

I have done a 2:07.5 during gulfrun time attack on the dull go circuit in my 997 GT2...


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Sami Haidar  3m ago

Full Gp

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Basel Al-Ibrahim   3w ago @Sami Haidar

Best driver ever . Hats off for Mr.Sami Haidar

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saxy  4m ago

I reckon the tires played a big part. Last years tires were softer and the heat was probably less

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FastestLaps  4m ago

Haaa ha ha ha almost all of the 2017 cars are SLOWER than 2016 pole in Bahrain...

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sroser  9m ago

P1 GTR - 2:00

Actually in comments:

1.59.4, track was extremely hot, so pretty sure it would be 2 secs faster in mid December or January

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FastestLaps  10m ago

McLaren P1 GTR is not road-legal. Only F1 and MotoGP cars and bikes are allowed as far as track only vehicles.

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Mikey D  10m ago

Alexander West did a 1.59,4 in the McLaren P1 GTR here. Its on YT.



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