VIR (Full Course) lap times

Rank Vehicle Driver Time
1. Radical SR8 Chuck Quinton 1:47.80
2. Radical SR3 RSX Mike Skeen 1:53.30
3. Radical RXC Mike Skeen 1:55.00
4. Dodge Viper ACR (Mk V) Ralph Gilles 1:57.03
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VIR (Full Course)

VIR (Full Course) is a racing venue in United States with 4 laptimes.This page represents the 5.3 kilometer (3.3 mile) configuration of this track.

VIR (Full Course) is a fast track, with overall average speed of 167 kph (104 mph).

Country United States
Track length 5.26 km / 3.27 miles
Track record 1:47.8 (Radical SR8)
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