17 The Czinger 21C is coming

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The Los Angeles based startup Czinger is coming out with this beast - the Czinger 21C, a “center-seat hypercar for the 21st Century”.

Despite the funny name, it looks pretty serious. It’s set for debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show, and judging by the LMP1-style front fenders and spoiler, it will be pretty serious.

Sadly, the company isn’t currently announcing any specs. But they did show us this cheesy video.

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40 Porsche Taycan Turbo S flexing muscles on track

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Porsche Taycan Turbo S has revelaed its full performance potential for the first time.

In February 5th issue Autozeitung comparison between Taycan Turbo S, Tesla Model S P100D and BMW M5 Competition, electric Porsche recorded best overall acceleration figures and second fastest lap time.

Much lighter internal combustion engine M5 was fastest on track, while Porsche followed for close second (0.7 seconds slower over 2 minute lap).

Tesla, supposedly on inferior tyres, experienced performance throttling ...more

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