Brad Richards driving 2016 Porsche GT3RS stock with Dunlop Sport Maxx Race 2 stock tires 02.02.2020

5.3 km (3.3) mile drive on 02.02.2020

8 months ago by bradrichards

Distance: 5.3 km (3.3 miles)
Average speed: 135.4 kph (84.1 mph)
Moving / total time: 0:2:22 / 0:2:22
Temperature: 6° C (42° F)
Vehicle: Porsche 911 GT3 RS
100-150 kph 4.0 s 21 / 38
150-200 kph 5.0 s 15 / 23
100-200 kph 7.9 s 11 / 22
Elevation gain 75 m (244 ft) 99 / 133
Top speed 241 kph (150 mph) 9 / 133
Circuit of Americas 2:22.0 4 / 10
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bradrichards  8m ago

Here:s the video:


Thanks for uploading the Harry's Lap Timer data for this lap. I'm curious, since I just uploaded it from my phone with no means of viewing the contents of the data file, did it actually contain 10Hz positioning data? I tried to achieve that using a Dual XGPS bluetooth add-on, but I have no way of knowing if it worked.

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SpeedKing  8m ago

What's more he says that he's done a 2:19.89 lap more recently. This from Brad "I'm still trying to figure out how to translate my latest fast stock rolling lap, 2:19.893, into GPX format from AIM, so they will recognize it."


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bradrichards  8m ago

True, I've got the 50Hz telemetry for that lap on the AIM Solo 2 DL, but unfortunately no means of translating it to GPX format for this site.

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FastestLaps  8m ago @bradrichards

Can you convert to .VBO file (format mostly used for RaceLogic VBOX)? I added support for VBO files also.

Anyway, I am developing Android app which will upload to Fastestlaps directly. But that will be limited to whatever frequency your phone GPS has, of course.