User avatarLuismi
2 months ago

4.0 km (2.5) mile drive in Spain on 26.12.2020

Distance: 4.0 km (2.5 miles)
Average speed: 113.3 kph (70.4 mph)
Moving / total time: 0:2:08 / 0:2:08
Temperature: 2° C (35° F)
Vehicle: Nissan Primera 20V
Power / weight: 204 ps / 1320 kg (2910 lbs)
Elevation gain 43 m (143 ft) 229 / 347
Top speed 147 kph (91 mph) 255 / 360
Jarama 2:04.7 3 / 4
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FastestLaps  2m ago

Your lap time export had a huge gaping hole around the start/finish line, which I fixed as good as I could. The lap time probably is still not accurate, as isn't the top speed.

I recommend uploading whole sessions, not single lap exports.


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ChironSS  2m ago

Nissan Primera 20V? That's a blast from the past! In England years ago there was a exhaust manufacturer called Janspeed. They actually developed the Nissan Primera as a works backed manufacturer team. It from memory was owned by Jan O'dor. His son was one of the drivers in the British Touring Car Championship. Unfortunately, he had a very big accident and passed on. It was and still is a tragedy.