Option 1: Upload .GPX or .VBO file

Upload .GPX or .VBO export file from your GPS tracker or favorite GPS phone app. It is recommended that file must be below 5MB in size.


Option 2: Send via e-mail

If you encounter issues uploading your GPS file via the upload form above, or if your laptimer does not provide above mentioned file formats, you can send your GPS files directly to me via e-mail (riils @ yahoo.com).

Don't forget to mention your user name and real name (only if you are OK with publishing your real name), so that I can attribute the lap times to your account and name. Also mention what car you were using and whether it had any performance-enhancing modifications.

Option 3: Online GPS recorder

You can record your track session or casual drive from your web browser - no need to install any apps on your device!

Due to limitations of web APIs, you have to keep the web browser open while recording. This will drain more battery, but is adequate for short sessions.

Online GPS recorder