26 20 things you need to know about 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7

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It was difficult to decide where to start this list, because everything about this car is brand new.

I'll start with what's known as the heart of a sportscar - the engine:

1.) 450 horsepower and 450 foot- pounds of torque.

2.) 6.2 liter displacement remains, it's still a small block V8.

3.) Pushrods are here to stay. Chevrolet LT1 is still an overhead valve (OHV) engine.

4.) Direct injection for considerably better fuel economy.

5.) Continuously variable valve timing

6.) Variable displacement. LT1 engine can switch off 4 of it's 8 cylinders while cruising at constant speed or braking. This also contributes to better fuel efficiency.

With every new re-design we expect a revolutionized or evolved exterior design. With C7 it's a mix of both - the overall proportions are similar to the previous generation. Details, however reveal a significant departure from the C6.

7.) Curb weight of ??? ponds / ??? kg - (yet to be announced, will be updated as soon as announced)

8.) Every exterior panel as well as the aluminium frame is brand new design.

9.) No more round taillights - replaced with more rectangular, Camaro-like LED clusters.

10.) Narrow, vertically elongated headlights, reminiscent of 2013 Chrysler Viper SRT-10.

11.) Carbon fiber bonnet and roof for lower center of gravity.

12.) Race car inspired bonnet hot air exhaust vent.

13.) Despite the name, C7 does not have a split rear window

C6 Corvette was often criticized for it's less-than-spectacular interior with cheap feeling hard plastics and dated electronics.

It was often used as an excuse for relegating Corvette below it's European rivals in magazine comparison tests.

This was especially true in European car media, so mesmerized by Clarksonian anti-Americanism, where C6 reviews often summed-up the interior in just two words - "cheap" and "plasticky".

With C7, General Motors decided that "enough is enough" and completely re-designed the interior with quality materials, leaving the "cheap & plasticky" crowd with not a single square inch of hard plastic to start the argument for.

14.) Complete interior re-design with expensive materials. Every contact surface is either leather, aluminium, carbon fiber or soft-to-touch plastic.

15.) Improved seats with much better lateral support.

16.) Electric steering. Corvette engineers are promising the driving enthusiast that their steer-by-wire system is more robust and will provide up to 5 times the feedback currently available in similar systems of competing brands.

17.) Tremec 7 speed manual transmission with automatic rev-matching, as well as improved "Hydra-Matic" automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

18.) Leaf springs. Yes, 2014 Corvette still rides on leaf springs. Not the sort you've seen on trucks, but leaf springs none the less.

19.) From launch C7 will be available with "Z51 Performance Package" which includes track-day oriented goodies like electronic limited slip differential, dry sump oiling system and aerodynamic updates.

20.) C7 goes on sale in the third quarter of 2013. No word on pricing. (will be included when available)

Despite the very different rear and drastically improved interior, C7 is more of an evolution than revolution - it still retains the basic layout, power-train design and construction materials of C6 and C5 generations.

Still, improvements are much deeper than the new body panels and upmarket interior. With a lighter and stiffer body, more responsive and torque-rich engine, better electronic gadgetry and more precise steering, C7 will surely beat every C6 lap record there is.

And it's likely that later, more powerful iterations of C7 will have the same impact on sports and supercar market that C6 Z06 did back in 2005 when it beat much more expensive rivals like Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari 430

9y ago by FastestLaps
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CoolShirtGuy  8y ago

Because this is the standard car. It is to the Corvette, what the Carrera is to the 911; the "entry level" model. As such, it's more than enough for the vast majority of buyers, and still reasonably priced. If you want more, you gotta pay for it in the upcoming Z06 and/or ZR1.

Porsche could pack 500+hp into the Carrera 4S with a negligible increase in price, but why do that when they can put it into an entirely separate model and charge you out the ass for it? Simple sound business strategy.

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Hayes  8y ago

Why such interest in this car?
How about it being American! Lol

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FastestLaps  8y ago

This is the base variant of a flagship model.

They are saving the forced induction for later "bells & whistles" variants - think Stingray ZR1.

Supercharger may not be a "bell" but it sure is a "whistle" :D

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Lorenzo  8y ago

Why does the 4 year old Cadillac CTS-V have a GM 556HP motor and this is not put in the "flagship" sports car of GM? Just askin...

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BR2'  9y ago


Weight nor Power figures have yet to be released.

But, people suggest 450Bhp and 450Lb Ft, with weight being between 3100lbs, and 3300lbs. but all those are just estimates.

Dunno bout weight, but it will most likely be lighter then the C6, and Bhp i expect to be no more then 500Bhp.

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FastestLaps  9y ago

Is the curb weight not released yet?

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G  9y ago

"the Corvette sets the standard by which all other sports cars are judged."

I like this new Corvette, but that comment is beyond stupid.

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Shaggy  9y ago

@ BR2': I never said you were complaining, I was just expressing my opinion of the automotive world today. And I don't see any Ferrari or Nissan GTR in the Corvette C7 either. The people who say they do are just trolling, the Corvette doesn't need to copy any car, the Corvette sets the standard by which all other sports cars are judged.

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alti  9y ago

still no match for the gtr or 911s

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Hamcee  9y ago

Lotus says Hello

i think the new vette looks gross, but well. taste is subjective

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Mental  9y ago

Talking about the possible identical exteriors. C7 doesn't remind me nothing at the today's market. Anything associates, even the old good C6... these awkward lines - anyhow past rounded. Maybe only headlights are reminding Viper's ones. Ah, and the rear view - spoilt by the Camaro.

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G  9y ago

"This was especially true in European car media, so mesmerized by Clarksonian anti-Americanism"

Oh dear oh dear. FL, I expected better.

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annoyingimus  9y ago

Ferrari resemblance is obvious, and here
side view has some similarities to the gt-r.
I'm actually like vettes, c5 and c6 especially, this one doesn't feel like a corvette to me, except on the inside. On the other hand looks aren't everything, i'm sure it's a great sportscar.
Oh, and gt-rs always had 4 round tail lights, even when they weren't in direct competition with corvettes.

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CoolShirtGuy  9y ago

According to some, the C7 has an grille that's somewhere between a 599 and an F12, though most compare it to the new Viper...which is compared to the 599 and F12 as well. They also claim that the C7's headlights are "copies" of the F12's, even though they look nothing alike.

As for the GT-R comparisons, it's the side vent. There are those who claim it's the headlights or the sharp lines, but that long, slanted side vent is the main source of the comparisons. I'd admit there is a superficial resemblance, but that's as far as it goes. Might as well say the GT-R looked like a C6 because it has 4 round taillights. It's retarded, but as they saying goes, haters gonna hate.

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BR2'  9y ago

@Shaggy, I said Not surprising, not complaining about cars getting worse.

And it still has Quad tail lights, there just not rounded, square ones havent been on a Corvette since the C4, and im not complaining.

And where do you people see Ferrari or even a GT-R in the C7 exactly?..

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annoyingimus  9y ago

lol, there's a bit of gt-r there too

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M Power  9y ago

Looks like a GTB Fiorano raped by a Camaro ZL1! =D

The new design it´s good, but not look like a Corvette. The Engine, 6.2 V8 VVT with 470hp.I think if GM need a Corvette with premium interior for compare to european cars, 500hp (or 500ps)have to be a "magic number" for represent this car.

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Shaggy  9y ago

@ BR2: Not from where I'm looking, look on the bright side, engines are getting more powerful and more fuel efficient, build quality and overall reliability in many cars are improving, and the C7 Corvette is new and improved, I do miss the quad taillights, though, this is the first time since 1962 that it doesn't have them.

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BR2'  9y ago

Why not?

Anyhoo, I think its a dull automotive world lately, Im not surprised at anything anyore, with the exception of of the Looks of the cars which i can get excited about, but not about acceleration stats or track times, nothing surprises me anymore, and it getting worse.

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E60R  9y ago

Why leaf springs?


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