6 2020 Corvette Interior revealed

Cover for 2020 Corvette Interior revealed

The first interior scoops of the 2020 Corvette have been revealed. The car comes with a new full digital Instrument Panel, along with a new two-spoke steering wheel which is wrapped in leather and features chrome accents. A new Corvette insignia is on the steering wheel. A Big Tablet Style Infotainment Screen which appears larger than 8 inches is also present. With the interior of this car being revealed is there a possibility for a reveal at the 2019 Detriot Auto Show that begins on the 14th.


New spy shots

Looking at these new spy shots it seems this car will be less bulky than most the renders floating around the internet.



2y ago by tyler
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dr. cosimo  2y ago

that interior reminds me of a luxurious toilet inside a hotel


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Cosimo is a fag   2y ago

Your comments remind me of a dumbass who thinks himself clever. Everything you say sucks.

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dr. cosimo  2y ago @Cosimo is a fag

gotta love the the lil fag that gave himself a thumbs up, lol

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FastestLaps  2y ago

Killing off sensible (Cruze) and efficient (Volt) cars and continuing with penguin and polar bear drowning 2 seater V8 sportscars.

I understand, Corvette has added value due to its halo car status, but why did they have to kill the Volt?


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tyler  2y ago

I really don't understand why they killed the Volt. The Volt was the best car GM has made in years.

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FastestLaps  2y ago @tyler

Yes. It should have been a hit. Fact that it had generator made it in a way better than Tesla. If they could add bigger battery it would be perfect.

But apparently (according to news reports) GM has decided to make premium class electric cars under Cadillac name and compete with Tesla in a higher price bracket (Model S, Model X range).

The choice of Cadillac is slightly strange, like Harley Davidson with the Livewire project - those are both not the sort of brand that would naturally be associated with electric drive - especially Harley...