9 2021 Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster GTS get 4.0 flat-six again

Cover for 2021 Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster GTS get 4.0 flat-six again

Porsche has come to their senses and jammed the flat six back in the Cayman/Boxster, this time only for the GTS 4.0 models. The engine is, according to Car and Driver, a version of the 911’s 3.0 twin turbo flat six, but this time bored out to 4.0 liters with the turbos ripped off.

This engine makes not-really-impressive 394 horsepower and 309 LB-FT of torque, though one thing’s for certain: It will definitely sound better than the turbo-4 we get now. It’ll apparently rev all the way to 7800 rpm, and, to deal with this performance, the car is lower, and has bigger brakes.

9m ago by aaayy
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M Power  9m ago

Porsche´s GT would be NA and with 6 speed manual option. PDK or 4 cylinder Turbo should be options or version a part.

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Tommi95  9m ago

I hope the Pdk will be available at least as an option!

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BR2+  9m ago

I dont see the point, Theres already the GTS or the GT4 n Spyder, Just seems very unnecessary to there already 16335732 model lineup.


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Cocobe  9m ago

No no, this IS the GTS.
It’s the facelifted version but now with a flat 6.
Those who bought the newest 2.5L GtS are going to be screwed over.

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BR2+  9m ago @Cocobe

So theres no more Flat4? Or is this just for the highest model?

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FastestLaps  9m ago @Cocobe

I was getting the impression that Porsche was to ditch the turbo 4 altogether. That would go against all the enviro-mentalist religions and practices and would greatly upset the TIME magazine person of the year.

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Cocobe  9m ago @BR2+

The flat 4 is still available for the base and S versions.
And since the GTS won’t be a limited version, there should be plenty of new 4.0s.

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FastestLaps  9m ago

Odd move. I would expect turbo hybrid or just turbo (with more low down torque than the outgoing 4) or even full electric. But not a big old lazy 4 liter naturally aspirated sixer :D

The sound, of course, will be 10 times better now.


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dr. cosimo  9m ago

'The sound, of course, will be 10 times better now.'

it must sound better than a v12 f1 engine too, tell me about it :)

it's pretty obvious, the 4 banger had poor sales and someone finally decided to fix things up before this downsized 918 got scrapped of their lineup. downsizing won' fix anything, going ev is a temporary bs move to please couple of corrupt eu politicians.

the rebellion will happen, it has already started and soon enough it will go international.

all hail the yellow vests