25 Toyota expand Supra model range with 4 cylinder options

Cover for Toyota expand Supra model range with 4 cylinder options

The new Supra is now available with 3 power stages:

  • The SZ is the first with an Inline 4 Turbo engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission, producing 197 bhp and 320 Nm of torque. Curb weight is 1410 kg.

  • The second is the SZ-R, with the same Inline 4 engine, producing 254 bhp and 400nm of torque. Transmission is the same, curb weight is 1450kg.

  • And finally, the top version (at the moment) coming with BMW's Inline 6 engine, producing 335 bhp and 500nm. It's a bit heavier, it weighs 1520kg.

Toyota actually created a rival for the GT86 with the 197hp version of the supra.

4m ago by benedekpuskas
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aaayy  4m ago

Supra should’ve had the V35A TT 3.4 V6 used in the LS500, boosted to 520 horsepower, RWD, and either the 10-speed slushbox in the LC500, or a 6-speed manual. Pricing to compete with the 911 Carrera or S, around 60-80K.

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PPZ  4m ago

S58 powered GR Supra can't come soon enough.
S58 is pushing 660whp only only on firmware and fuel

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Cocobe  4m ago

Why not just get a much cheaper and lighter gt86 then.

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BR2+  4m ago

Id rather just get a full Bmw,....I dont see any reason to have 3 different engine choices on the same car, Specially sine everyone wants the top version.

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FastestLaps  4m ago

Is it Toyota made Inline 4 or BMWs Inline 4 which they use in 3 series and everywhere?

If it is Toyotas own Inline 4 then actually this is more authentic Supra than the sixer.

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benedekpuskas  4m ago

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I wanted to change the title of the post(It's not the best) but I can't.