7 Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV - a sub 8 minute super SUV

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Performance SUVs are hot these days and all the luxury limousine brands (Jaguar, Maserati and Bentley) have developed one of their own.

Alfa Romeo are building a complete model line and have big plans for North American and European markets.

For any chance of success in North America, Alfa do need an SUV, preferably one that can trade punches with BMW X-Series and Porsche Macan.

This is what Stelvio is for - think of it as a blown-up Alfa Romeo Giulia with same powerful twin turbo "heart" - Alfa claims 500+ horsepower and "class-leading" 3.9 seconds to 60 mph, which is actually nowhere near class-leading if you consider Tesla Model X.

More importantly, Alfa estimates 7:59 laptime around Nürburgring, which would be faster than their own sportscar 4C and any other SUV.

6y ago by FastestLaps
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BR2+  6y ago

I dunno mate, As far as lazy designs go, I "Think" this may take the cake, But I agree on the Vag, part........Horrid name.

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Murmur  6y ago

They may be lazy, but not as much as the VAG group... LOL

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BR2+  6y ago

Okay so they made the Giulia bigger in suv form?...Thats just lazy, Looks fantastic, But thats like putting sausage on a pizza instead of pepperoni and thinking its a game changer...

I love it, inside and out, But even the inside is the same, And i though Porsche was lazy when they made the 997 after the 996, It literally looks the same, Thats really more only problem with this is.

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hyperspeedd  6y ago

They say it's in the same category with Macan, X3, Q5 etc.
But faster than their big brothers Cayenne, X5, etc.


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FastestLaps  6y ago

All they need to do is put that twin turbo V6 in the super-lightweight 4C chassis (if it fits) and you got a Ferrari killer.

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saxy  6y ago

Lol they say they named it after the Stelvio pass which has like a million hair pins. And that this car is amazing on the track...

Who drives an SUV on the track? And this car is so wide how can it be fast around the hairpins? Capture the spirit of the 1920s Alfa race cars... back then they were cigar shaped and lightweight. this is quite the opposite.
Why don't they own up to what the car is. It's an expensive great looking SUV that you should get over a Cayenne or X5.


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priorty  5y ago

Don't you think you ask stupid questions? Deal with the fact that people buy fast SUVs with great track perfomance. Not necessarily to drive them at track, but the great track perfromance is one of the factors that influences customer's decision. X5M and X6M as well as ML AMG and Porsche Cayenne should make it clear to you that maket needs such cars. That enough to start producing them. There is no need for answering your boring question "What for?". People buy these cars, that's what they are for.