4 Aspark Owl Revealed: World’s Quickest and Most Powerful Production Car

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After a long wait, the Aspark Owl from Japan has been unveiled. The automaker says their new Owl Hypercar is both the fastest accelerating car and the most powerful electric hypercar in the world. Four electric motors power the Owl. Which produce a total of 2012 horsepower slightly more than the 1973 Lotus Evija. The Owl has a max rpm of 15,000. The battery is a centrally mounted 64 kWh lithium-ion battery which holds onto a total power of 1300 kW.

The acceleration of this car is mindnumbing. According to the manufacturer the Owl will run from 0 to 60 mph in 1.69 seconds and 0-300 km/h in 10.6. Furthermore, it has a top speed of 248.5 mph(400 km/h). The numbers would not only make it the quickest production car ever but groundbreaking car when it comes to BEV's top speed's. The Owl has 280 miles(450 km) of range on the outdated NEDC testing cycle.

50 Examples of the Aspark Owl will be created for the world. Each being the entirely customizable base price is set at 2,900,000 Euro's which is about $3,194,000 US. Delivers are expected around Q2 2020.



1m ago by tyler
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BTICronox  3w ago

Wanna bet this never will see a track in real life? Reminds me of a Barabus TKR, Devel Sixteen and other shitfests. 64kWh with 1300kW output doesn't sound healthy either. And if you're going to floor that thing (if it actually works as intended), the battery is empty in 3 minutes :D


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SpeedKing  3w ago

Well if nothing else at least the 0-300 km/h of 10.6 is more realistic than the claim by Lotus that their Evija will do it in under 9 secs which is not gonna happen unless they've borrowed some rockets from Musk lol.

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lafars  3w ago @SpeedKing

0-200 mph in 7 seconds:


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SpeedKing  3w ago @lafars

Yes i'm aware of the cars Underground Racing modifies and that Huracan has over 2500hp. The Evija wouldn't even come close to matching that :)


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